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F1 2011 Cars Engine sounds

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by samletigre, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I have a question that anyone can answer, I think.

    Does anyone can tell me if there is a mod with the real sounds of Formula 1 2011 or 2012?

    thank you to all who will answer me and give me may be a link to a mod, I hope!
  2. So far I haven't been able to find one unfortunately. There is an engine sound mod for DiRT 3 and it's awesome. I'm still waiting/hoping there will be one for F1 2011.
  3. there is maybe a mod, I don't know, i found only one engine sound , its for the mclaren but its the engine sound of the ferrari of schumacher :(
  4. and for me the mclaren with the schumacher ferrari sound its a real fake !
  5. Someone just needs to record a race weekend in HD and extract the engine sounds. I know Sky Sports has that onboard camera option with no commentary. That would probably be best.
  6. yes but who can make all engines sounds of all 2012 cars and after make a mod with all sounds ???
  7. i have downloaded torrent with ol d racedepartment f1 2011 mods this has 2 soundmods if you want it sent me email at juuppie@gmail.com ;)
  8. can't you put it here in a link?
  9. Why is everyone so adamant about changing F1 2011 to 2012? The noses can't be modified so they still look like 2011. The game will be out in 5 more months anyway.
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  10. It's just cool to drive with 2012 cars, regardless it has the stepped nose or not. The new skins (sponsors, color) alone was a reason for me to made my own 2012 conversion mod. I'm currently running all 2012 cars in HD and i love to see the new HRT livery. The engine sound mentioned here does not necessarily be original 2012 sound, it would be cool to have "real car"-sound from 2011 cars, because the ingame engine sound isn't that good at all.
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  11. I have the entire Singapore 2011 on-board footage with pure engine sounds but I have no idea how the **** to edit that **** and modify it for the game. If anyone knows and wants to take on the project, I'll be happy to upload the video. The only downside is that the audio compression is high so it doesn't sound too great. Not very crisp.
  12. Me too i have over 15 onboard video with Alonso, hamilton, button ,vettel, mercedes,lotus(Renault) so if someone want to make engines sounds mod i can send him onboard video ! how make a mod with real sounds ?
  13. OK i send you a email but can you put the engines sounds that you have on this thread !
  14. this is some of my onboard video

    Alonso onboard ferrari 2011 New delhi

    Vettel Japan 2011

    Button silverstone 2011

    Hamilton 2011 Great mclaren sound

    Rosberg 2011 spa Mercedes
  15. its car engine sound that we want no voice of engineer , drs sound etc..
  16. Sorry i thought everything was included
  17. Does anyone know how make a engine sound for f1 2011 and who can explain me how to make and with which software. Just explain me steps by steps how to do this !
  18. In my opinion, if this could be done, someone alredady would have done this...