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F1 2010 vs F1 2011

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by belliash, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Hello guys,

    I just played my first carrier race in Australia, in Williams and i find it a little bit difficult. When i was playing F1 2010 i could even win in HRT while AI set to Legend and i used AI editor and corner mod to make them faster (in both quali & race). In Bahrain, i have made AI faster for 5 seconds in Q and even so they were slower than me for more than 1 second. I wasn't using tyre simulation there as it was buggy and car felt different even with custom setup.

    Actually i tried F1 2011 and... I was 16 in Q1 and 17 in Q2... Was starting from 24th place due to penalty and finished race on 16th... First impression... what the...?

    In F1 2010 + 2011 mod from RD i got lap times in Australia about 1:22... In F1 2011 its 1:26... 4 seconds?
    Ok, I know i have tyre simulation on... but here it make no difference to me in driving, maybe excluding that i need to change them :p Anyway... What about You guys? Do you have any tips etc? I'm a little bit puzzled now after the 1st race and to be honest a little bit scaried before 2nd race :)

    Setting in F1 2010:
    Tyre simulation: off
    Fuel simulation: off
    AI: Legend
    Race Length: 20%

    Setting in F1 2011:
    Tyre simulation: on
    Fuel simulation: on
    AI: Legend
    Race Length: 50%

    BTW: DO You have the description of all options we can change in car setup? I would like what which one does. I tried setup from F1 2010 but it doesn't work. Im spinning very often.
  2. Working as intended? I mean it is nice that the AI is actually harder, isn't it? Also Williams is not the best car out there, so I would say just go with it and you will progress later. I think it is nice that there is a possibility to progress even for good drivers, it would be sad if you could won on hardest with bad car easily.
  3. Thats right... Anyway, just played single race on Spa... Started from 10, finished 4 with Mclaren. 3rd finished Hamilton and i was .... over 20secs behind him :D
  4. Practice.
  5. Loving the game, but a few things are missing from 2010?

    Did they take these out?

    a) How do I call for a pit stop (so you can schedule your own while out on the track)? If you can do it, how?
    b) Is the Pit Limiter gone? Or is it just automatic now. Trying to understand the difference between manual and auto pit.
    c) Did they take out wing adjustments? This may have been a rules change....

  6. a) and b) - check the control mapping.. see if you can see it..
    c) you cant change the wing anymore
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    ad c) that was a technical rule in 2010 and it not longer allowed in 2011, apart from the real wing of course that has DRS now.
  8. No they are not listed. That is too bad, I enjoyed using manual pit stops and routinely scheduled my stops. I wonder why they took them out? Seems like you could go to your tire wear display and schedule a stop from there. I liked that you had to give them a sector's time of notice to be ready.
  9. Hmmm... Now i'm 2nd in P2 in Malaysia... strange xD
    And will be starting to race from 5th pole... :|
  10. How exactly do you schedule a pit stop? and they did remove the pit limiter from what i see. Yea i agree the cars are more tail happy, which seems like a bit like the real stuff, one wrong move and your are spinning, i already opened the DRS on a turn and spun out pretty awesome! We pretty much have to learn how to drive again because its a bit more of a challenge, 2010 seems more of a jump in and play 2011 is geared more towards advanced which i love, i am bummed out that Toro Rosso is not a starting teem really liked that car.
  11. I noticed sth strange... As i said i was in trouble in Australia, but took it easily to get 5th position in Malaysia...
    Now again loosing much time in China... I dont know what to think...

    I am too fast as i should in Williams, or about 1s slower than team mate. I got no idea whats wrong with that...

    And one more thing... When i was 2nd in P2 in Malaysia i was loosing about 1.5sec to Hamilton, and 3rd Vettel was loosing again ~1s to me :| Maybe thats because i switched AI difficulty no Pro on P1 and switched back to Legend before P2?
  12. OK...
    I needed to try myself whats wrong... if i am really bad or maybe car? If i should still drive legend or maybe change ai difficulty to professional. And thats what i managed to obtain.

    I have tried only one track - Hungaroring in Budapest, Hungary but few cars. The settings & assists i have set:
    * Braking Assists: OFF
    * ABS: ON
    * Traction Control: FULL
    * Dynamic Racing Line: OFF
    * Gearbox: AUTOMATIC
    * Pit Assists: OFF
    * Rules & Flags: REALISTIC
    * Tyre Simulation: ON
    * Fuel Simulation: ON
    * Car Damage Simulation: FULL
    * AI Difficulty Level: LEGEND
    * Flashbacks: 0

    and i play on keyboard.

    First, i tried Williams, as i have already begun carrier in this team. I tried to drive few quick laps on option tyres as they are faster (red ones) but i havent managed to go to Q2 and my team mate was faster than me for about 0.9s (nearly 1s, like in carrier). Firstly i thought i am bad as even team mate was faster than me.

    But then I decided to check what will happen if i will drive potentially best car - Red Bull Racing. Here I used prime tyres (yellow) in Q1 and option (red) in Q2:

    I think i could also improve this times, so finally i think i can be competitive. I wonder what will happen if i begin to use custom setup and drive redbull? AI will be too slow again? :|

    Finally i tried Force India, as it is also available in carrier. Again i used option tyres (red):

    What do you think about this guys?
    I think i should stay with legend ai difficulty, but in my opinion my mistake was to join williams instead of force india.

    Of course all above i have driven using default setup. Thats why do i worry about ai when using custom setup. I hope i wont be faster then for more than 0.1-0.2s and not on all tracks.

    BTW: Situation may lok different on other tracks. Ive chosen hungaroring as thats one of my favorite tracks and i know it well.
    I'm looking forward for your opinions.