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F1 2010 tv style

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by 0108daniel, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Hi all!

    Where can i find the tv style for F1 2010?
  2. Explain :)
  3. Also you can see on tv.
  4. Yes that's it!!
    Oh waiting for the real mod:)
  5. Are there any modders working on a Tv-style? You all did a great job, but it seems that nobody is eager to create a tv-style mod? Unexpected problems? No interest? No time?

    Anyway, it would be the superbest adjustment to F1 2010, if we do not consider the mechanical mods.
  6. I'm wondering if it has something to do with creating an overlay that can't exist. You would expect a modder to have implemented a GP4/Race 07 styled "Helmet" cam by now (which would also help seeing the HUD times that truelight mods white out).