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F1 2010 racing league sign ups!!

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Gary Brewitt, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. hello guys i am going to set up a racing league for f1 2010 for the xbox 360.

    races will be one every week and the day you race will depend on what division you are in. races will be a 15 minute qualifying and then a 50% race.

    weather dynamic.
    car handling- realistic(fual load on)
    assists any (except for pitting, manual only)
    Cars performance- equal

    to sign up please post your lap times for these 3 tracks to decide which division you are in. and then post them in this format.

    Gamertag-iTz BRuZeR

    Monaco (dry)
    spa (wet)
    istanbul (dry)

    the car you drive depends on the order you place in the lap times, but once decided that is your car for the season.

    good luck everyone and please let me know if you think i missed anything.

    iTz BRuZeR-
  2. Hi mate,

    I think the mods will force you to advertise this in Racing Club section and set it up using the templates etc..

    I love your enthusiasm for this but i think you will find it hard filling room(s) let alone 1. A lot of ppl on here are PC and on our Wednesday evening xbox races we struggle to find 12 ppl to fill a room. Good luck though.
  3. hmm well ill give it my best shot. if i did this is the wrong place then im sorry, could a mod move it for me? any way chris u up for this? post some laptimes :)
  4. Yeh i will be, cant guarentee i will be about for all the races but am in most evenings etc..

    The laptime thing sounds like a challenge :) Not about tonight (xmas party) but if im in 2moro eve will give it a shot.
  5. this sounds pretty good to me sign me up
  6. If this isnt on wendsdays (Im already winning a championsship then :tongue: ) I can join this.
  7. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    There are plans for a more official championship in the new year, it would be sooner but I am moving house this weekend, and losing internet for a couple of weeks.

    The league side of things needs to work with the Race Department site - work in progress i'm afraid.

    Further to research, 50% races will be ok for some, but will not suit most users - too difficult / boring to wait to rejoin etc.

    Hopefully, we can bulk out the numbers with players getting the game / xbox live subscriptions for christmas presents.

    Feel free to arrange your own races - but please do so in the F1 2010 Racing club section of this forum. The Link can be found here http://www.racedepartment.com/f1-2010-racing-club/

    Please make sure you stick to the format when posting race event threads in the Racing club.
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