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F1 2010 on second monitor?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Skywalker, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I have 2 24inch monitors. One I use for my desktop and the second one is mounted on my playseat. I'm trying to get F1 2010 to open on the second monitor, so i can use my playseat. I tried a lot, but default the game opens on the first monitor. The only way I can get it on my secondary monitor, is to play it in a window and the maximize the window on the secondary monitor. But when I press alt+enter to get it full screen again it goes back to the first monitor.

    How can I solve this? Before I was only playing rFactor and that game will open on the second monitor if I set it to do so.
  2. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    You need to go to set the resolution in Windows, select the second monitor and choose "Make this my main display" - games will then automatically open in full screen on that monitor.

    You can easily just change it back afterwards - it's what I do :)
  3. Is this the only way??

    No one else playing on a second monitor?
  4. I play on a second monitor and have no problems. As soon as I connect the second screen it switches on, the first screen gets off.
  5. sorry but that does not seem right when you connect your 2nd screen the 1st one goes off ? It seems you have a big problem
  6. No I haven't. Windows is set to switch off my laptop screen when connecting my second larger screen. Other available options are 'split screen' and 'both screens'. Check your Windows 'configuration', 'screen'.
  7. You can set laptop screens do that. But I have two monitors on my desktop computer, these are both on at the same time. I want F1 2010 to startup at the monitor wich is mounted on my playseat. I can't get this to work. The only way to work like this is startup on the primary monitor, switch to windowed mode, move it to the second monitor and maximize it there again. But then I play in windowed mode :-( When I switch back to full screen, it automaticly moves back to screen 1.
  8. Skywalker, did you find a solution to this?

    Switching what my main desktop monitor is before playing the game is a crappy solution. Other games (hmm, i.e. rFactor) let's you choose which monitor at which resolution to play the game. I have a main monitor computer and my TV is my second monitor. The problem is, it's about 25 feet from my computer. I would normally start the game on the computer and head over to my stearing wheel and the TV to play. I've been doing this for a couple years, also with Flight Simulator and this really bugs me that a modern game does not support on which monitor you want to play.
  9. You can get a program called UltraMon, this should sort you out. There is a trial but I think its only for 30 days or so.

    Basically it allows you to set certain applications to only run on a specific monitor and even to setup your own custom desktop on this monitor with taskbar, it's own icons and wallpapers etc.

  10. You can also use some software called Actual Multiple Monitors to do this. It would be cool to have extra information on the second monitor, like mirrors, tyre temperatures and wear, sector times and so on.
  11. Surely this is much more stright forward than people are making it?

    Just set whichever monitor you want the game on as your primary display. In W7 you literally choose the monitor in a drop-down menu and away you go. I believe all this can also be done in CCC if you have a ATI card, although I havent tried this method myself.
  12. Have you tried swapping the dvi plugs on your graphics card?

    I have an eyefinity setup and single screen games used to display on my right-hand monitor. I had to switch my center monitor to the 1st dvi plug to get games to display on it instead.
  13. Here, lose the 'extended' desktop, switch the game to whichever screen you have connected and want to play on and away you go.


    You seriously dont want to be running an extended desktop when you are gaming anyway - I dont care how powerful your rig is, you will be killing your game performance still having windows desktop in the background. Yes its ok for multitasking desktop applications, but not for gaming.
    Would be interested to know if there was a valid reason you really needed both screens whilst gaming?