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F1 2010.exe stopped working

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by alienracer, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. This is my problem… I have installed F1 2010 in my PC, I run the game… The game starts and I select any game mode, grand prix or time trial etc the game loads and i see a circle on top right corner that says loading.. then a message shows up.. “F1 2010 has stopped working”. I am a huge F1 fan and I am desperate to play this game…plz help…
    there was no sound in the menu as well so later went to My F1 option -> audio-> the audio driver option was disabled.

    My config: Intel Pentium Quad 2.33 Ghz
    4G DDR2 RAM
    NVIDIA 250 GTS 1G
    realtek onboard soundcard
    ASUS p5Qc motherboard
    500 G SATA HDD

    Please help… urgent :frown:
  2. Hi

    I am having the exact same problem if I try to race off line, time trial is ok. My pc spec is VERY similar, I'm getting very browned off with it to be honest!
  3. Read somewhere (don´t remember where I read so much about this game) that people solved probs with realtek after installing the latest drivers for the onboard sound device... hope this will help you.
  4. Still no joy, done numerous fixes inc multi core prossesor assignments and configs, read every thread, getting very annoyed by this, £30 waisted from my pespective, had no support from codies, not even a reply, I guess there very busy, but still poor tbh
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Did you try official support or just the forum? An official forum is almost never the official support channel Brian
  6. Thanks Bram, but yes have e-mailed the 'offical' codies support TWICE now, still nothing back :-( Trying not to get angry, but this has been a total waste for me, from the begining, with steam taking forever to unlock the game, even though it charged me £30 as I wasnt a Pre-order, it then told me I was a pre-order and made me wait almost 10hrs, to this Exe. problem. Tried so many fixes its not true, spent so many wasted hours on this, applying 'fixes' reading up for solutions in a million forums, only to read SO MANY PEOPLE also seem to be in the same boat! The game reaks of a very badly ported PS3/Xbox game that wasnt tested propperly at all, I would be upset if this was a beta test tbh after reading so many faults.

    Utterly demoralised with it now..........feel cheated and unsupported by Codies and will be the last purchase from them OR steam from me tbh.
  7. Well, sent a third e-mail now, lets hope they reply this time :-(