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F1 2010 Career Contracts

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by My993C2, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. I got my first official contract offer tonight after my 10th career race at the British GP in Silverstone.

    It's to renew with my existing team, HRT. My current reputation level is 12 and Toro Rosso, Sauber, Lotus and Virgin are all showing interest (no offers from these teams are on the table yet). I was thinking of selecting one of the two Williams drivers as my rival, but I still have not even been asked to select a rival in the game. However I was reading some older "career contract" threads which got me thinking maybe I should not try to jump to Williams through winning the rival challenge yet. I may not have all of the reputation points and a ride at Williams might only be for one year if my reputation points are not high enough in season two? But I also got to thinking ... since I do 100% length races (with full weekend practice sessions) how many seasons in F1 2010 will I do before F1 2011 is released? Two maybe three? If F1 2011 is good, I will want it and will have to start all over again. So I am tempted to stay at HRT and treat my time here as a learning experience trying to improve my race craft in this game until I figure out if F1 2011 is worth picking up.

    Question #1: if I sign with HRT for another year, do I get to keep all of the updates done to the car through the team R&D this season? If I don't get to keep the R&D upgrades in season two, then jumping to Toro Rosso or Sauber (if offers are made down the road) or trying to beat a Williams rival would be no brainers. But keeping the R&D upgrades might make me want to stay at HRT for another season?

    Question #2: if I decline (or ignore this offer), am I done at HRT for season number two? There are still nine more races to do in season one and I wasn't expecting a contract offer yet.
  2. After Montreal, you are making your name in F1.

    After silverstone if your beating your teamate ( which is highly likely with how slow they are), you get a D1 offer.

    All the upgrades you do are kept because your car is moved up a tier to better performance if you resign with them and become D1, someone posted the tier chart for all teams but cant remember where.

    I always decline them once, they will offer an improved contract but decline the second and they will let you go.
  3. Cool thxs for the info.
  4. Hi,

    I have just finish the Monza GP in my First season and i have already declined the first offer of Virgin racing.
    they offer an improved contract but i want to get an offer from Williams. ( I beat 2 times my rival in this team).

    If i decline the second offer from Virgin, will it increase the chance to get an offer from williams ?

    thanks you
  5. all you need to do to get the Williams contract is to finish in front of the Williams driver you selected as a rival in the championship at the end of the season. Declining a contract with another team will therefore not improve your chances. However accepting a contract before the season ends will make it so that you will no longer get offers from anyone since you're already taken
  6. many thanks for this. I am in front of my rival so i will wait for the end of this season to get an offer from williams.

    Do you have an idea if the Virgin with one season of R&D is faster than the williams without R&D package ?

    Is it really a good choice to change at the end of the first season to join Williams or is it better to do 2 seasons with Virgin and try to get an offer from a top team ? ( I am in the 7 seasons career mode)