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Database Extended Tyre Life 1.0

increasing tyre life duration

  1. Ptakopysk submitted a new resource:

    Extended Tyre Life - increasing tyre life duration

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  2. Thank you Ptakopysk.
  3. Great, thank you very much
  4. Ptakopysk, how do you open database ? have you a link to download Ryder Database Editor for 2013 ? thanks
  5. Is it possible to play online with it ?
  6. Thanks @Ptakopysk
    I'm afraid if I must sacrifice both my career and online playing because of that update ... If someone already tried it, could anyone told me please ? :/
  7. i will try install the game on another computer as soon as i get home and let u know if it corrupt profiles
  8. This for 100% races only?
  9. no...its for all race lengths
  10. yep...i downloaded your version and found no difference...u changed values in "f1_teams" but it has no (or minimum) effect...u need to change values in "tyres" tab
  11. Our version is actually not the correct version, if you read through our posts you would have realized we also changed the tyres tabs and realized that it doesn't have an effect in Career mode. So that particular mod is outdated. We're hoping to have a new one soon
  12. hmm..i dont know why its not working for you...it works for me perfectly just with this database...i simply increased max distance in tyres tab by 1,5 and then a little bit adjusted tyre wear in f1_teams tab...no other changes were made to this database
  13. Yes it worked perfectly fine in Grand Prix mode, but when I ran Career mode the tyre wear didn't change at all. If you found that it works in Career mode as well then perhaps we did something wrong.

    EDIT: We also found that by increasing max_distance in tyres that it increased the duration of time that AI cars stayed out for, negating the advantage that the player gets from his/her decreased tyre wear.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2013
  14. yeah i mean it works for me even in career mode...but i also found a tab "track_tyre_wear_level" in database where u can simply reduce tyre wear on tracks...so u can try to edit this and leave tyres unchanged and report us results :p
  15. Yes we have also tried to do this on its own. However, because of their corresponding track model values (1, 2, 3) sometimes we have had races where cars don't pit at all. So in order for us to make a realistic tyre wear database, we have changed track_tyre_wear_level values and max_distance values in order to compensate. Track_tyre_wear_level values are increased so that our tyres last longer (but so do AI tyres), so max_distance values are decreased to compensate for this (Max_distance only affects AI, not the player)

    Furthermore, we had to change track_model numbers to correspond to changes in tyre degredation and so we have someone who's been racing on every track to assign track the appropriate track model numbers.

    Changing front and rear values in the F1 teams tab does not have an effect in Career mode, that much we have confirmed.
  16. then just return everything to normal and just turn off tyre simulation to players in "difficulty" tab :D just kidding...sry but i cant help u more cuz i dont have knowledge in these things..this was the first and probably last thing i have done
  17. Sorry that's not what I meant. I didn't mean to imply that your mod isn't good or anything, nor was I trying to discourage you from doing more mods. I really appreciate anyone who takes time to work on issues with the current game, particularly tyre wear. I just wanted to know if you had done anything that we missed in our other thread.

    If you like, you can help us with any input you have on what values you have found to definitely work!
  18. to be honest i do career mode on 25% length and even AI cars stops for tyre change in same laps as they did before i changed values..i will try 100% race length and let you know

    EDIT: well you were right... this prolongs even AI stints in race with more than 25% legth...
    however i still have some ideas...i will try and report

    EDIT 2:but weird thing is that most cars had 0 pit stops in 100% race which they should be disqualified for but they werent

    EDIT3: ok tyre wear in "f1_teams" actually affects the wear level (i used 0,00001 and tyres were white all the race long so its just about finding correct numbers) but it will affect all the cars..i think there is no option how to apply different wear level only for player
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2013
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