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exporting help

Discussion in 'Racer' started by chris_89, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. oh hai,

    I got this problem with exporting new cars.
    When I import my mesh into zmod and position and scale it to fit and then save it as a dof, the damn mesh wont show up ingame? >_> though when I import the dof into zmod it shows up :confused:

    Whats goin on lol
  2. textures missing? shader not updated?
  3. either one of those or you have no texture applied to the mesh.
  4. transparent car = no car shader. (textures shader)
  5. Are the textures in the car folder?
    Do you have a car.ini and car.shd file in the car folder?
    Also welcome to the Racer Community, nubee!
  6. Yeah thnx for calling me a noob lol. good thing I'm just a noob at the whole racer stuff since I can do proper modeling :p

    And yeah it shows up nao fank you!
  7. Do you still have the problem?