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export problem in trackEd

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by berzingue, May 16, 2015.

  1. berzingue


    Hi again,

    I try to import a skybox. Here is a semi-dome, with ONE sky texture. This texture is coming from sub-material list.
    I've noticed, when I import an object contained 2 materials, TrackEd works. When I import an object contained only 1 material, here is a message error :

    "Sat May 16 09:19:48 (WARN): ASECutMS: Can't find material 58, submaterial 0 [asecut_ms.cpp:428 / CopyMaterial]
    Sat May 16 09:19:48 (WARN): ASECutMS: Copy material failed for object skybox [asecut_ms.cpp:804 / ASECutMultiSub]
    Sat May 16 09:19:48 (WARN): GEOM_OBJECT 'skybox' contains faces with MTLID 1 while there are only 0 submaterials defined in material #58 [asecut_ms.cpp:496 / CopyGeom]
    Sat May 16 09:19:48 (WARN): ASECutMultiSub Failed to process material for geom skybox; no faces with MTLID 0? [asecut_ms.cpp:833 / ASECutMultiSub]"

    Do you have any idea ?