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Expert difficulty

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by robbe8, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. Hello guys,

    I'm playing a Career at 25% and I'm at 5th race with Lotus, as typed above difficulty is set to Expert, I was wondering why every car (not a single one is excluded) is faster than me on straight without drs and kers active, they almost overtake me every time when they are 0,5 - 0,6 seconds far from me, looks like they have a boost.
    So it is just me because I need some adjustment on my setup to make the car faster or the expert mode makes cars go faster?

    P.S. I even tried to set fuel to rich, but nothing change

    I would appreciate any good answer, thanks in advance!
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  2. I found that I was atleast 1 sec slower than AI...but on one lap, I managed to save more time on the corners and suddenly made up over a second. I would suggest look at other AI driver times (in sectors) from the pit monitor or race director screen...and check which sector you are slowest in. Try working on it and see if you can make up the time.
  3. If you have too much downforce, you're increasing drag and have a lower top speed. Try reducing downforce and increasing the 6th and 7th gears.
  4. They have way better traction out of the slow corners. Try the hairpin at Canada for example. It's like they have TC on.
  5. Thanks for the answers, but I'm not talking about times, I exactly do what vraev said for that so not a problem, I'm just talking about speed on straight, so probably I should reduce downforce as chris said!
  6. I find what robbe8 says to be true as well, i even have trouble sometimes catching cars when i have DRS on and they don't. Also i think the AI's DRS is superior to that of the players as theirs seem to work as you'd imagine, where as i need DRS and kers and even then i sometimes don't catch up. I'm currently doing 25% expert season, with only auto gear and ABS
  7. same here mate!

    It's frustrating every race i can just defend my position, I just overtaked once or twice in my whole career, I'm not that super driver but actually 6th in rankings after 12 races.
    So looks like AI can reach higher speed, I tried to setup my car to reach the highest possible speed but nothing change..
    Probably I should switch to Pro for Races!
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  8. Yeh i'm the same as you Robbe, 7th in the drivers championship just going into silverstone, i enjoy Expert, its a perfect balance for me as on professional i win the races and out qualify the AI in my sauber pretty much every race except Australia and monaco, Australia i find the AI to be strong and monaco cause i find that to be my bogey track.

    Where as expert i feel like im out performing my car when i do well which is noticeable by the fact my option tires are completely dead within 5 laps on 25%.

    You raise an interesting point about AI reaching a higher speed, is that just DRS zones or just general top end speed, i''ll keep an eye out for that in my career and report back with my opinions.

    Robbe what team do you race with as 6th on expert for the first season i think is good going.

    Does anyone else have this problem or notice it at least?
  9. Tbh I haven't noticed anything like it. I play on legend though I can overtake with drs. I think the boost you are referring to could be due to slip streaming of the ai behind your car. Further, if you make a slow exit from coners the opponents will catch you on the straights and seem faster than you. Downforce and gearing also play a role here. I'm sure with some practice you will get it right and befaster than the ai.​
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  10. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    Premium Member

    The slowness of your car may be setup related. I drive on Legend as well and have found with the right setup i have no problem passing the AI.
  11. Thank you for your advice, I find throttle control out of corners kinda hard as the feather the throttle the difference between steady acceleration and full power is very small as i have to use a 360 controller as i can't afford a decent wheel.

    I use Gigisan1987's setups, in a Sauber
  12. Using a 360 controller aswell, at Monza I tried the fastest pre-setup, but still on the straight before the last corner Vettel could overtake me, him as other drivers.
  13. Yes, I can say I relate to this phenomenon as well. There are several other things I have noticed about this level as well.

    First and foremost I am by no means an alien when it comes to driving these cars fast. For instance I'm driving with Lotus and we are at China right now. In quali I believe I ran 1:37 or even 1:36. Got 7th on pole. So while in the race I can definitely feel a weight difference in the car. Braking points must be adjusted further back, the car's turn in isn't as responsive, and perhaps this is a wheel setting for me the ability to turn 300 degrees isn't possible without the feedback disappear WELL before 300. Maybe 220ish? Using a Fanatec CSR Wheel with wheel rotation set at 300.

    The AI appears to be running almost qualifying lap times mid-race with no problems what so ever. My tires, both primes and options, are gone by 5-7 laps each. I'm sliding all over corner entry and exit. Wrestling the car down the track and the AI with even longer wear on the tires is driving like they are on rails. They seem to go into turn 1 at China MUCH faster than I can and still make it stick. Going in at 180+ on severely worn tires and holding center line on the track. I'm out in the sand making sand castles and Alonzo just blows past me eating his ice cream cone. lol

    It was mentioned earlier that throttle control could be a play. I have noticed that by accident if I can get on the gas earlier and easier i can manage a gap until they AI slip streams and pulls on me HARD. They don't seem to have issues with dirty air mid-corner either. It's more than likely I'm too slow too -- hah!

    I feel you though -- the race isn't much about over taking as it is constantly defending every lap. The only time I have passed someone on Expert is either at the start of the race in the first few turns. I have yet been able to out accelerate the AI off the line. I feel like Mark Webber in my car lol. Dipped in cement! And the other is if it's lapped traffic ... neither is a good thing to brag about.

    I didn't have this problem in 2012. I could actually pull gaps on the AI on Legend. This to me is a different animal in 2013. I love the improvements that I noticed but the AI has some serious game when it comes to hitting apexes and driving defensively and at times, highly aggressively. Like bumping you out of the way -- diving bombing a corner. Yet, that is another topic I suppose.
  14. I guess you are doing 25% races and there is your problem.
    In 2012 there was no tyre scaling so you had a full set of options which were supposed to last 15 + laps for instance at albert park and you could do 0 stopper at 25% races if there wasnt a rule to use both compounds .
    Try doing a 100% races at Legend and you will find the AI is kinda slow,and this is true since i am racing only 100% races so far since release date and i can tell you that in the mid race after first stint or the 2nd i can pull more than a second gap each lap on the ai.
    I had to use a mod which makes legendary 30% + - faster so i it can keep up with me .
    and also set your wheel lock to 270 degrees it works flawlessly.
    Even when i am pushing really hard with caterham or marusia i qualifying around the top 6 usually,if i ever switch to lets say Mercedes the ai is more than a second slower than me at Quali . Usually if no banana shanenigans from the game or ai i am going to finish 19 poles and 19 first places at Legend,and there are few exceptions this year since the tyre wear on the fullwet tires is a joke,its not like i am really bad at wet track its the case that after about 10 laps on the wets i am having no grip at all what so ever,its like driving on tarmac almost with an f1 car.