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Evo mp not working

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Alan Milne, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Hi all. The game was working fine yesterday, but today, i was trying to get my ded server set up for myself and a friend, and when i click on multiplayer, it just says "general failure" and puts me back to the main menu screen.
    He cannot connect to me (5000 ping scenario), so i went into my BT Home Hub 2.0 config and set "steam game" and (my pc name) as allow in port forwarding. Nothing, so i undid everything, and still general failure with connection. I restrated hub aswell to clear anything. Any ideas or help please ?
    If all else fails, i will be willing to reinstall everything, but would rather avoid that lol.
    Am i correct with this ?
    TCP+UDP 48942 – 48957 and UDP 26900-26907
    If they are still valid, i shall attempt that once i can see multiplayer lists again.

    Last but not least,
    Have a great Christmas and New Year and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE (You might spill some) !!
    Just kidding ;)

    Drive safely and play hard:redface:
  2. Seem like the Lobby is down. :)
    So not on your end. :)
    Will let J-F know.
  3. Ah, that's good and bad to know, lol. I will hold off doing anything for now then, thanks :)