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EVO Manual ??

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Warren Dawes, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Is there a link anywhere to the GTR EVO Manual, for those of us who bought it through Steam?

    Specifically, I'm trying to find out if there are any keys to access any information about tyre wear.
  2. Don't have a link for you, but just had a look in my manual and I couldn't see anything to do with tyre wear sorry.
  3. Thanks Andrew, unfortunately it didn't provide the info I was hoping for. Simbin aren't too flash when it comes to Manuals are they, very little info about the new fearures such as pitstops.
  4. Does this help?

  5. Thanks Mike, that does help a little.
    Since I've raised this topic, one very specific question I am having a problem with.
    I have entered my first enduro event this weekend. How do you tell what is happening with tyre wear? I know the pitboss will give a warning that tyres are getting worn, but is there any indication to advise you whether you need to change all 4 tyres or maybe just the front or back? We get the option to choose this in the pitstop menu, but how do you know which is needed?
  6. You don't 'know' per say.

    Generally if you are in an enduro event, you change all tyres. However if you are driving a FWD around LeMans for example, where the rears wear very little due to little use (with the long straights etc), youy could probably get away with changing just the fronts.

    It is pretty much how you feel the car is handling.
  7. You will feel it Warren, when the tyres start to go in the GT's its usually quite easy to tell.

    One good way can be to look at the tyre temps by changing the LCD mode (spacebar at stock) and if they start to heat up more than normal they are probably getting worn, at least that's what i have found will happen.

    Changing 2 tyres isn't usually worth it unless its a short race which can be won or lost on having a very short pitstop.
  8. Heh, heh, I just proved that you are correct. As an experiment I tried changing only the fronts (it was a WTCC FWD Car ) and the result was very ugly. The tail was wagging like I have never experienced before. Won't try that again.
  9. Its exactly the opposite if you do it with a RWD car, it just stops turning completely!

    If the race is 60 mins, the tyres should be changed around half way, although they will start to go after around 20 mins. Ideally you should pit before it says your tyres are getting worn as once it says that you really don't have much grip left.