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Every version of 0.90 crashes during free drive, car selection, and now game won't start.

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by drive right, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. My setup:
    AMD x2 6400+ 2.70GHz
    GeForce 9400GT (latest driver)
    3GB RAM
    Win & SP1

    I'm using 0.90 RC5 (already tried RC6). I changed graphics settings to disable the fancy effects and now the game doesn't start.

    Qlog (too much text to copy and paste):

    Thanks. And currently, playing on 0.65 is fine for me, but most new mods aren't supported.
  2. Are you running some kind of joystick configuration program?

    Also, try the stock content and go from there, it seems you are running crappy conversion cars which make Racer crash.

    It also appears you are trying to run the no cg version of driving experience but the shaders still refer to cg shaders. I see the vf_xtree mentioned sometimes.

    There are so many textures and dof's which can't be loaded, it's almost as if racer can't even find the files it is supposed to load in the first place. Did you use funny characters in your folder structure anywhere? Spaces or é :o or ô for example?

    The graphics card could be a bottleneck as well front the looks of the specs.
  3. I'm using ds3 tool to use my ps3 controller. I downloaded the 0.90 version of driving experience, weird. No, didn't alter file names or anything. I copied the older cars from my 0.65 version. I'll try again with a clean install and not using the ds3 tool program this time and see what happens. I mean, at first launch it works fine but slow, but then when I change controls and graphics it always crashes.
  4. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    You changed your graphics settings from inside Racer, I assume? Same thing happens to me, not sure why though. Re-download and change the settings through the racer.ini. It's pretty self explanatory :)
  5. What are you changing in graphics.

    Isolate each step and see what is breaking it.

    Don't use config.exe with Racer (for graphics, it really breaks things!). Really it should be dropped from the release because it does nothing useful.

  6. Thanks for the advice. I downloaded racer 0.90 rc6 and this time in game just changed controls only and in the racer.ini tweaked the graphics a bit and it works now without any crashing.

    Only problem is that I get fps in the high teens and it seems like stuttering gamplay. Any tips on speeding up the graphics? I already halved the texture size and disabled mirrors. I tried the "desired fps" and its the same.
  7. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Another problem I also have... find "auto_exposure" in racer.ini and change enable=1 to 0.
  8. Thank you! Now it's comfortably playable w/o stuttering and fps around the mid 20s (driving experience) :)
  9. Note that if the exposure on a track is wrong, you can bring up the console (~ key) and type 'exposure 0.01' or some other floating point value, to adjust it.

    renderer.shadowmapping.enable=1 is a big hit to FPS (generates dynamic shadows), you can set that to 0.

    renderer.motion_blur.fs_filter1=bloom_shadows_blur_f.cg can be tweaked although it's harder to find a valid value. If you go to the folder "data\renderer\fullscreen_shaders_hdr" only some of the .cg files are valid - try bloom_shadows_f.cg or just bloom_f.cg (if you have shadowmapping disabled). I can't guarantee these will work though. If you pick one without 'blur' in the name, you can also go ahead and set renderer.motion_blur.velocity_map=1 to 0.

    renderer.motion_blur.samples=4, renderer.motion_blur.coverage_samples=16 can also help - try lower powers of 2 (eg. 2 and 4)

    Those are the main tweaks I can think of - the default for the environment map is render_once=1, so it's already working efficiently. You could try lowering the resolution of the envmap but I don't see that helping a lot (envmap.live_track.size=512 by default; try 128)
  10. Which track is the OP using too? Some tracks are very inefficient and so FPS are low.

    Carlswood should run ok though.

    Check your CPU usage via task manager while using Racer... is one or any more of the cores maxed out?

    What GPU are you using Drive Right?

  11. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    No problem dude! :)