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Event News Please Read

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Wayne Reed, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Hi all i have some news for you i have been thinking some things over and here is what i have.

    The endruo i think is the best way to play GTR2 and as such that is the way i am heading just for now see how it goes.

    So what i want to do is seeing as most of the events are the same bunch of us i want to make a skin pack for us to use every week to make the game that lillte bit more fun.

    The skin you make you will race with all the time so as we dont have to keep changing it every week (so no mismatch) i will make some default skins for new members to use and they can submit 1 if they would like to race every week.

    rules are this you must use the RD logos on the car somewere you can get them HERE

    You can use any car in the NGT class.

    All Sikns have to be in on the 10th of November.

    when i have all the skins i will make the skin pack and it will be posted in the events forum and here so you can download it.

    Thanks wayne :)
  2. Well here is my new ride hope ya like it i love he he :)

    My New Event Car Pitstop Modding.jpg
  3. Got any links to skinning tutorials, lol.

  4. what kind of thing are you looking for mate?
  5. Question: we have to send you a link to the skin via PM, or we need to post it here?
  6. By pm If you could just keeps it all in 1 place :)
  7. Ok, thanks
  8. You imply we can make our own skins and get them to you by the end of the month.

    Just wondered how complex it is 'skinning' cars in GTR2. Some racing titles seem to be more user friendly than others when it comes to painting a car.

    Failing that, would there be some to pick from to let you know which one we would like to use?

    Apologies for the numerous questions, comes with the terrority being new I guess, lol.

  9. I have another question instead: the car that I normally use offline, a 360 GTC, uses Yokohama tyres, but the game hasn't a proper .hdc file for it: only the Modena can use Yokohama tyres. So, can I include, together with my skin, a dedicated "360GTC_Yokohama.hdc" to have the proper tyres for my car?
  10. Yes its easy but only if you have skined befor as such. if you can paint a skin your half way there. to get the car in game is very difrant to other games. you use a bit of software called Gediter to open the .GTR files you then have to rename and number them and place your sikn in there and save it.

    2 ways to get round this if you cant do it. 1 i can put the car in game for you. 2 i can do a giude for skining in gtr2. tbo i have been thinking of doing one for some time.
  11. i dont think it will work on the sever. but you do not have to worry about that as the way the game works the GTC with use those tyres by defult that will sort that for you.
  12. i have moved the date to give more time for you all :)
  13. The problem is: the game allows for the GTC only Dunlop or Pirelli (360GTC_Dunlop.hdc and 360GTC_Pirelli.hdc), but I made an hdc for my car (360GTC_Yokohama.hdc) which allows the car to use the Yokohama NGT tyres.

    If I add to my car that hdc made by me, and that hdc will be added to the skin pack (so, for all the members who download it and for the server) according to my experience it will not create mismatches with other cars/mods or whatever because only my car will use it.

    EDIT: There's not an increase of the performance, I only feel better with the Yokohama tyres.
  14. send it to me when its all done and i will test it. if it all works fine then yes.
  15. Ok thanks. :thumbup:
    Here's a preview btw.

    GTR2 2010-10-21 13-56-15-61.jpg
  16. Looks good mate :)