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Event Idea

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Dave Flower, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. I have just been looking at the leaderboards and I had this idea for an event ;

    Event Length : variable

    Event Purpose : to feed the competitive spirit in RD Clubmembers Ego's!

    Event Format : event is split into 10 or 15 minutes Race Sessions, each session takes place on a different track, at race start driver on pole sets off and others pull off racing line and wait their start. Each subsequent driver starts every 10, 20 or 30 seconds and all run a set number of laps. After last person crosses server advances to next race at next track. So a 1 hour event could be planned with say 5 or 6 tracks in rapid succession.

    This could also work on the casual servers as a format for increasing interest and utilisation of those servers too as a kind of informal event (BUT you would HAVE TO use QUALIFY sessions, not RACE so others could join and leave CASUALLY).

    What do YOU think?
  2. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    I dont really see the point in it if Im honest, if they run at different times its not really a race, just a qualifying session.
  3. It`s just a hotlap event by the looks of it.
  4. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Yeah I know, but why in a Race Session? If you crash you need to wait for the race to finish before you can go out again. Stuipid IMO.
  5. Gosh Ross - your prepubescent hormones show sooo much in your attitude and posts - just because YOU have been here ages and YOU have a thorough knowledge of RD and all its events, do you think that means no one else should put forwards suggestions and ideas?

    Do YOU think RD should stand still to cater for YOU and never be open for debate? Think ideas from new people should be shot down immediately with snipes and childish comments?

    I speak from a position of experience when I say, in any Forum, business, or walk of life. If you stand still with what you know, because your happy with it as it is, you WILL, in the majority of cases, fall by the wayside. Age and experience gained over time will teach you that my boy..

    Tbh I ain't bothered about such an event, would much rather have a race event, but then again I am capable of stepping back from my own little blinkered world and seeing that, maybe, just maybe, or maybe not, there is a demand for such an event from others who may visit the forum and maybe, just maybe, or maybe not by posting such a thread interest can be gauged and new people can see RD is open to ideas, suggestions and comments. Then maybe more new people will sign up and get involved.

    Now if you want to give the impression that RD is closed to new ideas from new people and that ideas, questions and suggestions will be immediately shot down by some 15 year old kid, who's been here for ages, has almost 6,000 posts and posts with the attitude I would expect from someone suffering a serious bout of PMT, thats fine, just bear in mind that the majority of sales of Race ON are to a more mature customer

    If you think thats the way to develop a community and welcome new people in then go ahead mate, but I know different....

    Finally if your gonna call someone or someones idea STUPID, at least have the intelligence to spell it properly..
  6. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    I said it was my opinion mate, if everyone just sat around kissing people asses, nobody would get anywhere in life. I was just stating a flaw in your "idea" don't go round thinking your the boss and you can take the piss out of me just because Im 15. I thought I had left behind all this "Oh you're young and immature, you cant do anything right" well stuff it up you mate, I'm sure I have came up with crap ideas, and when people say "Its not really a good idea" I say ok, I will think of a better one and I'd like to think I have done. I dont do what you do and go on the attack just because somebody has been honest and tried to point out something that wouldn't work in the idea. And something I really don't understand about your postis you said you didn't want this? So why did you make the idea when you prefer something simpler which everyobdy else prefers? Kind of defeats the point to be honest. Now less of being the hard man and more of accepting peoples opinion when they dont like your idea or think it can be improved.
    And RD does not need do stand still and cater for me. I enter a normal race and join normal leagues like everyobdy else. There's nothing I have done on this forum that only benfits me and me alone.
    I have nothing more to say on the subject and I'm also not looking for an argument, I'm too busy playing with toy cars and colouring in.....
  7. Nice response there Ross, and I too am a little busy with the colouring books and toy cars to want to dwell on this, but I felt I wanted to reply, just to set the record straight on a couple of points.

    1. If I hadn't been open to peoples opinions I wouldn't have posted, and I certainly didn't want you or anyone else kissing my ass.

    2. I sure as hell don't have any aspirations, dreams or delusions about being the boss or acting the hardman, as you put it.

    3. As far as your age goes - Its irrelevant to me, but if your going to have it displayed along with almost 6000 posts, you have to accept that while people here may know you as a valued member of the RD community, someone just dropping on to the site and getting a response apparently calling them stupid from such a prolific poster who is 15 may well get a different impression of RD as a whole and leave the site never to return - because thats how this interweb thingy works, your probably in a better position to understand and have seen that occour here and elsewhere than I am. I do concede, however, that my post may have came over as both condecending and taking the piss out of your age, and for that you have my genuine apology.

    4. In future when people come up with crap ideas instead of the stuipid comments, please say "Its not really a good idea" they will say ok, and will perhaps try to think of a better one. That way they will be less likely to go on the 'attack' as you put it.

    5. "And something I really don't understand about your post is you said you didn't want this?" - It was just meant to be an idea in the pot, to get people debating, talking, involved, thats all, you will have seen where it came from in the thread you have told me I should have read all the way through Ross - fact is my post you picked up on is another example of this - I KNOW the time is already there, knew I was posting something on page 4 that had been covered on page 1, I admit I was a bit unsure because of the 'Ring' prefix, but I also get that, unlike YOU and I, many people won't read all the posts in a thread, do I go on the 'attack' or do I quietly calmly make a post nudging the ones who don't read full threads in the right direction without calling anyone stupid or making anyone feel isolated from the RD community?? On a side note to this I am quite flattered that you took the time to look into my other posts before responding here.

    Anyway thats more than I intended when I started, but I hope its cleared some stuff up, lets move on now Ross, life is far too short for either of us to be making enemies, especially amongst like minded people that clearly share common interests.
  8. lol touchy. Love online war :)

    Dave, not the greatest of ideas, but there is something in it - I do like the idea of a kind of relay race, but how would it work?

    Rather then have the staggered start along with a 15 minute race, how about this.....

    A relay race.

    Not sure of the logisitcs of doing this but what say 2 teams and 2 laps. Only 2 cars going round the circuit at any time - one driver from each team. As the first driver completes his lap, the next driver for the team sets off to do his lap. The first driver lines up on the grid again. Repeat until all members of the team have completed their lap. Once all drivers have completed their lap it's a sprint to the finish. First team to have all drivers over the line is the winner.

    One for the idea pot. Pick it apart.
  9. I have to admit something here Dave.

    I read your initial post 3 times. What is the end game of the event?

    Other than the staggered start portion, I have no idea why or how we would be doing this format.

    All the BS aside from post 5 on, I am lost almost completely now...........
  10. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Exactly what I say yet I was attacked, but yanno I have moved on. I do like the relay race idea though Billy!
  11. I mean I am certainly not trying to quash anything til I understand it first.

    Has anyone one read the "seriously not serious club" thread? a fun little idea was sprung from the mind of a memeber and it's got merit inthe "fun stuff" category here at RD!

    Somehow, perhaps this can morph its way there too!

    So more brains and more time might spring a gem......................
  12. What I want is the ability to jump into a race (15-30 minutes long) if there are enough people on/around. My only problem is we have that but you need Race On...
  13. Yeah a nice race 07 casual server would be awesome!

    Maybe there is some type of arrangement at RD w/ SimBin to run that type of server exclusively for the new product. Not trying to cast any aspersions just thinking out loud here.
  14. Like I have repeatedly said its, more about getting people to actually THINK about, and MORE importantly actually POST, their views in the forum, I had considered deleting all the BS from post 5 onwards, but decided maybe that spices an otherwise mediocre thread up a bit.. I have no problem if Admin. choose to delete or request that I delete all the BS though..

    The end game, hmmmmm, no end game really in my suggestion, it stems more from my seeing certain things at RD and throwing ideas in the pot to address them - maybe I am wrong but as I saw it ;

    - We have a leaderboard that is limited by the actual events and tracks run on servers - I was trying to come up with ways to increase the number of people, tracks and laptimes on those leaderboards, making them more useful to not just the fastest at RD, but to all, especially bearing in mind that in many online Forums, leaderboards are a good way of making newer members feel included and its that inclusion that can have an effect on making people come back to their related forums and servers again and again. I myself was hooked by JOLT in that way a few years back, dropped on a server for a game, saw the server message about leaderboards and decided to have a look - that then led me not only to the forum, but back to the servers, the leaderboards and the forum again and again, so leaderboards do work, if utilised correctly.

    - Some newer members are spending weeks and weeks of practice on publics or against AI, honing their skills before gaining the confidence to join events, we all know how different REAL people are to AI, so maybe there is place for events where the fear of messing someones race up (which IMHO is the main reason why newer members don't join events) is removed to kind of ease people in, as well as giving the more experienced racers here a chance to show their skills off.

    - I would say that the majority of us here are less about winning and more about close racing, wether thats racing for 1st or 2nd, or for 24th or 25th, it doesn't matter we just enjoy the thrill of the race. We do have to accept, though, that some people may not see it that way and may just want to set the fastest laps.

    I fully accept my original idea is seriously flawed - but you have to admit it's got you and a few others thinking and more importantly, actually POSTing on the forum...
  15. I totally get the Race On casual - but do agree a Casual Race07 server may be more effective at gettig utilisation up.

    Now for another controversial one - What about a PUBLIC Race07 server - with server messages to drive people here, but also with a VERY easy and simple reporting procedure so admin can BAN idiots if Club Members can give them the Idiots name, and exact Track/Time of Idiocy as well as a replay to substantiate that ban - is that feasible, so we don't have to have Admin on server all the time?

    I'll throw that one in and let those more knowledgeable and experienced in such matters comment - but please don't say I'm stupid, cause I ain't stupid (well not all the time anyways!)
  16. POst 14: NOw I see that you were creating space so more events could be run by more people without the fear of the "start" procedure. OK.

    POst 15: Not so sure the admins are looking to mamage a public server. I see you point of promotion however. I choose to race a public and if I see a guy who consistently demonstrates the skill and attitudes required at RD events then I simply invite them to JOIN RD.

    I FOUND RD thru the racesim central forums. I LOOKED for a place to race in a club atmosphere as I had experince in a different racing sim and the value of NON PUBLIC competition for your time invested.

    So if you are thinking we NEED more people I concur. One caveat here:

    We need more GOOD PEOPLE not just bodies to fill grids etc.

    I now understand your idea more completely I think. We used to have HOTLAP servers on a weekly basis. yo could just sign on anytime during the week and run laps. in a day or two, the new leader was shown. it was kinda cool an I participated fairly often.

    IN the end, I think you are trying to revive an idea that had come and gone here before, Doesn't mean it isn't relevant though!
  17. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Completely agree Eric, we dont want randomers on our servers with no skill or manners whatsoever. I would much prefer a smaller grid with skilled and fair racers if I am honest. The leaderboards are already very full and I dont really see a need to fill them further. There are always Racedepartment servers there to be raced on at anytime so if you want your name on the leaderboard that's you way to do it.