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Ethernet Ports

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tony Holder, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Hello....


    Sunday - my xbox told me I wasn't signed into xbox live. Tried signing in...only to be told there was no connection and no ethernet cable inserted. It was...

    Monday - my xbox signed into xbox live with no issues?

    Question - what was that about? I was ready to rip up floor boards and connect a new ethernet cable.
  2. Go into network and sharing center, then change adapter settings, right click disable/enable ethernet. I've had this problem before with my PS3 and this fixed it.
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  3. Cheers matey...is the same as xbox 360? Working now.....very odd. And never had thjis issye before?
  4. It may well have been Microsoft server end sending back corrupted data that the Xbox may well have misinterpreted.
  5. Working fine for now... very strange
  6. Could be something as crazy as a loose cable. Do all of your networking cables have their tabs on still (tab that keeps them from backing out)? Sounds like your dhcp was having a hiccop. You can reboot the device doing your dhcp (internet router or in house router you plug into). That would give your dhcp device a fresh start, they are typically reliable but what you indicate a problem as sounds like your dhcp needs to be rebooted. If you are using static IP's then I would still recommend rebooting your routers switches. If cabling under your carpet does the cable run along any paths which are walked on a lot or that furniture rests on, if so try to change your cable run to be away from any physical interference.