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Career Etcc 1968 1.0 2016-08-20

European Touring Car Challenge 1968

  1. roviet submitted a new resource:

    Etcc 1968 1.0 - European Touring Car Challenge 1968

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  2. I love the idea, but there's work to be done:
    - All cars are not on the same tyre.
    - AI is too (s)low.
    - BMW's don't drive (mod flaw).
    - And I like a larger field, but that's just an opinion.,
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2016
  3. tank you for your feedback Kayeos72

    Please show me how change the tyre,in career generator there isn't this option

    For the Ai is true, the difference between the Kunos career and the mod career is remarkable, i don't know why. The ia range of this mod career is 96-98%

    in my career bmw work, probably there is a car mod problem

    there are only 8 opponent for the basic hardware of some pc otherwise don't work for all