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Escort V8 Challenge 2009 by Prez & Günthar Rowe

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. ...

    RaceDepartment v1.3

    Mirror (NoGrip v1.3)
  2. Will upload to RD Downloads asap :)
  3. many thanks guys.... i've been lucky enough to have a sneaky peak at this while in development and i LOVE what you've done....

    will definitely be running an event with this next week.... :bang:
  4. Good job. I loved the beta already but this is gonna be more fun. Looking forward to a event.
  5. Nice one guys... I'll get started on a review for this after I'm done with the 935s. :peace:
  6. um.... I've just sent off (3 days after their last release) the Porsche 935's back to Raven for there next version release... so, you might want to wait on that one :dance2:

    + I'm now working on some 996 GT3 / GT3-RS cars to get them skinable via the custom skins .ini system :woot2:
  7. Hehe you never sleep do you?
  8. thanks for that :)
    is it that car in the gtr2 mod?
    i have a nice League whit the 996 gt3/ gt3-rsr and thats is so fun :laugh2:
    and if i can skin whit the ini system its so goooooood
  9. not sure the origins of the mod as I didn't start the Evo edition, was just called in to fix the skinning.....
  10. just uploading version 1.3 as Prez encrypted the .ini files with stop the skins loading :)
  11. v1.3 now at RD too....
  12. Awesome fun! And hard!
    I really enjoy just lapping round Brands Hatch in practice....
  13. I just wanna say :Banane09::Banane09:
    What a great mod. The FF is great and what a fun car to drive. I love the different tire compounds and how the car reacts on the downshift an brakes. Just perfect. I can't wait for a full grid race with these cars. :laugh2:
  14. I read this in racing club thread:

    "The sound is annoying though, it only comes out of 1 speaker in Cockpit View"

    Never heard of this problem before. Anyone else having the same prob??
  15. no sound is all fine maybe that guy forgot to deinstall the previus version
  16. in cockpit view you will get an imbalance in the engine sound due to the drivers head being to the left hand side of the car, as per real life...
  17. i ll have a try after exams :)
  18. These cars are fun to race, the racing club event was great.
    Got only one little problem, but i don't know it was a problem of the mod or the game.

    I was on a big straight with a full health car, nothing wrong. But suddenly i got a message that i had a aero and suspension problem. I didn't hit anything and it just popped up. I just want to let you know. :)

    But overall je build a hell of a mod. Thanks.
  19. :woot:

    Hmm ill have a look at this. Did you notice any difference in the performance of the car or was it just that the message came and nothing changed?...

    Maybe we bought to cheap bults for the front splitter and the suspensions we got for free :whistle: