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Error message...

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by tjc, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. tjc


    Hi guys...

    I`m getting this error message every time I start up AC.

    Not really sure what the problem is but I`m thinking it has to do with the the skins for the cars mentioned in the message?

    Anyone else having problems with these skins/cars?


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  2. If I recall correctly, it has to do with some incorrect syntax in the skin's json. Try going to each of the car's skin folders (you may have many skins for those cars), then open the ui_skin.json file using notepad+. Some may have missing ending quotes or semi-colons, just edit them. For ex, under "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\audi_r8_lms_gt3\skins\ISR_74", the content of the file should look something like this:
    "skinname": "ISR",
    "drivername": "Anders Fjordbach",
    "country": "DEN",
    "team" : "ISR",
    "number": 74

    I think country values may even be blank, but just ensure that the double quotes and comma are present.
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  3. tjc


    Excellent! Many thanks, I`ll give that a try... :thumbsup:
  4. tjc


    Just a little follow up on this...

    I looked in the ui_skin.json`s for each car and found that for the Vettes #70, #73 and #74 there was no "country" so I looked at some other skins and some had "World" in that line, so I just put "World" in there for the Vettes and that fixed them, no more error message for them.

    I couldn`t find anything wrong with the Audi, it seemed to have all the info and ending quotes and semi colons etc needed so I just removed it.

    Anyway, no more annoying error message now and I`ll keep this in mind for again.

    Many thanks Joel. :thumbsup::thumbsup::)
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  5. tjc



    I sometimes get the above error message(s) with car skins I`ve installed. After the help I got in the previous posts above I can sort most of them but the error message(s) also say to "view log for details" but I`m not sure where this log file is.

    Can someone point me in the right direction please?

  6. Just update the skins manually, for sure you downloaded skins with old json format.
  7. tjc


    Thanks for the reply... I have updated the skins that show this error message manually, well the ones I can update. As posted above by Joel, some of them seem to have info missing in the ui_skin.json and for those that do have info missing I`ve edited them and they work fine after that. Some don`t seem to have any info missing, IE they have the same info in that file as cars that don`t display the error message so I`m not sure what to do for those cars/skins... that`s why I wanted to locate the log to see what`s in there... :)
  8. Replace the whole info in those skins with info format you know works in other cars.
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