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Misc Enhanced Smoke Scenes 1.2

More smoke when braking and reversing

  1. Winner submitted a new resource:

    Enhanced smoke scenes - More smoke when braking and reversing

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  2. Thanks, appreciate it.
  3. Roderick Kennedy

    Roderick Kennedy
    Premium Member

    Thanks a lot.:thumbsup:
  4. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    Awesome. Your 2012 rain mod was great also.
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  5. is there any performance impact with this mod?
  6. Cool added to my game, immersion always a good thing. Look forward to what comes out in future too!
  7. More than enough smoke as default for me, when its not doing the flashing bug. Thanks for the effort though.
  8. Very nice, the flashing was a problem without this mod also right? I thought I noticed it when playing before using this mod.
  9. BWX


    What is in the update? What is changed?
  10. Would appreciate your feedback as I have not experienced flashing of smoke using the latest.
  11. Some minor adjustment to eliminate flashing of smoke not due to game bug. Your feedback is appreciated.
  12. BWX


    I'll check it out! Thanks.
  13. Flashing is still there but not so noticeable. :p
  14. BWX


    Have you tried adjusting maxParticlePeak="150.0"? Just wondering if higher num makes more smoke or makes it last longer or what.
  15. Yah, lower value has less smoke. Depends on your preference, a value between 50 and 100 helps to conceal flashing bug.
  16. BWX


  17. Sorry I was talking about the game without mods as I had seen flashing then but with the mod update it was fixed.

    Is there supposed to be smoke after like every corner though?
  18. Thanks. I will finetune it when I have time.