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Misc Enhanced Audio Mod 0.9

Realistic Audio Mod (WIP)

  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    Enhanced Audio Mod 0.9 - Realistic Audio Mod (WIP)

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  2. goooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddd :D
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  3. Thanks m8;)
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  4. Rather rename the title.Copied sound mod from 2011 game cause i can't call this a mod.It's just an easy copy-paste process from the last year game.I almost thought you found the way to modify the sounds to match for example the 2006 cars sounds.
  5. I provided all the Files and edited all the "Setup" & "datavalues" and was messing around with files from 2010 2011 & 2012 ,,, And brought the best sound possible from all 3 games if you insist on knowing,,,
    If you change out the files and use the Original "Setup" & "datavalues" The sound I have ended up with sounds nothing like 2011,,,
    This is why I might just take it down people do nothing on here apart from complain when someone as at least tried to improve the game!!!!
  6. LOL Your a Mug m8 ,,
    Listen to the Audio in this link from F1 2011 ,, And tell me there is any similarities in the Downforce or Sound The Only reason I Ended up using it,,The gear Box is not as LOUD!!!
  7. agnusrock

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    this stronger decrease more precise treble
  8. Melphiz

    [TruckSim-Map Team]

    Hm, yeah there's an obvious difference to 2011 but ... either I'm just used to CM's sound or I'm just out of the normal but I don't like the high rev sound, makes me mute the video. Feels annoying. No idea, if it's realistic, I don't watch F1 at all :D
  9. At least try to improve the game?Sorry for not knowing that.I thought you just copy pasted it like the other guy from here.By the way you think i'm useless?Man i made tons of skins , and i'm working on a whole season mod.I think that's quite a good use to the players bro.
  10. No its not that m8 ,,,
    I made loads of stuff for Grid 2, And all people do is complain when I spent hours making things,
    All the Files "Setup" & "datavalues" I spent 2 days editing them with the Original files and it has improved all the audio ,,
    The .bdl files From 2010 & 11 I only tried these because 2012 gearbox his too Loud not realistic at all,,
    So after trying things out and swapping files around and spending about 6 Hours on youtube listening to 2013 Onboard laps with my headphones I created the best sound
    Possible from 2010 11 & 12 while editing the "Setup" & "datavalues".
    Sorry I was a little harsh but I spent ,,, 10 Hours on "Grid 2" making a Tire smoke pack DLC From scratch and one of the first comments I received was someone saying that I found a Grid 1 mod and copied and pasted it,,
    This was not the Case I spent a lot of hours researching it and no one had created it before not what I could find anyway.
  11. Ok sorry about that.Yeah it's hard when you spend your free time and the users just say that your work is sh*t or not detailed or just copied.I just wanted to clarify how you made this mod.By the way is there a way to build up a bdl file from zero , to sound like for example 2004 car sounds?Or that would be too hard?
  12. Yes it gets annoying F1 screaming in your head for hours on end.
    I only Made this mod because im doing lap comparisons on my youtube channel and the original audio his annoying after a while with no downforce,,,,,,,,,
  13. No about 3 months ago I had this idea and spent over 3 days trying to find a way to do it the .bdl file extension is just for Codemasters .
    Like the PSSG files I also spent over 3 days researching the .nefs
    The .nefs files are newly added additions what Codemasters are using to create the DLC Downloads.
    When F1 2013 Comes out I have been researching it and on the forums its saying that on Console PS3 & 360 ,,, Apparently F1 2013 & and Classic Edition will be different Games you can buy F1 2013 On its own Or buy F1 2013 Classic Edition with F1 2013 already on the game..

    But on PC you can only buy F1 2013 & The Classic Edition you will be able to add to it as DLC.
    So when you add the Classis Edition it will be a ".nefs" DLC Download so you will be unable to edit the livery or Mod the 3D Model as all the cars For 90,s ECT
    Will be in one .nefs.

    But when XBOX ONE comes out there making it so you can download the DEV KIT from online so all the .bdl , .nefs .PSSG files you will be able to edit on your PC through your Xbox One Dev Kit.
  14. I wish we could create the .bdl from scratch the Audio from rfactor1 F1 2012 Total ,,
    The sound his insane make your eyes roll in back of your head LOL.
  15. Kinda, and about the dlc,it's said to hear that you won't be able to edit the DLC's as you could for example make the 94's Benetton,Ferrari, etc from reskinning that model, but if you won't be able to edit them it will be a shame, but still the original 2013 cars will be moddable again, but unfortunately the DLC's not.I think it's a way to prevent to get the DLC by torrent to a pirated game.
  16. No its not that m8 ,,
    They have decided to do it like this because people keep ripping the 3D Models to use on rfatctor 2 and stuff like that ,,
    I was talking to a kid last week and he only bought GRID 2 so he could RIP the 3D Model from the Volvo S60 the car his insane,,
    Codemasters have had to Create all the Classis Edition 3D Models from scratch it takes a lot of money to make these things like Formula 1 ,2010 11 & 12 they will use the original 3D models from 2010 And just keep editing the new Designs Costs a lot less to develope,,
    I only Researched the "Classic Edition" DLC because I have found a way to bring all the Cars onto PC F1 2013,,, And no I wont be Copying and Pasting LOL.
  17. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    If you can import models over from previous titles.....why not do a few 2011 models for the 2012 game, complete with mirrors etc.

    That would be handy.
  18. What cars you want m8 ,, ill knock 1 up for you now ill try anyway
  19. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Try the Ferrari if you can, anything really that doesn't have a flat nosed version in this game.

    2011 game had the mirrors included in the interiors folder.....this one has them in the main car folder, that's where the problem lies for conversions.

    So not sure if the interiors folder will have to be done aswell.....or just have the 2011 car being pointed at for the mirrors.
  20. I tried a different conversion from Grid 1 / Grid 2 ,, last week and there is an issue with
    Ryder25 PSSG Editor I contacted ,,,Petar And he told me in an email that the
    DATABLOCKDATA he has not got around to adding it as a Node Data its in column form at minute so there is no way to add the data ,,, 00-08-09-76-00= So its obvious to me that no one as tried to rebuild the files the way I build it back together ,
    Its a lot easier to edit a 3D Model from that game like 2012,, Because the format on the way that they program the data like a,b,c,d,e,f
    His always the same..
    But to add a game from 2011 /2012 you need to reprogram the format on the instruction data set like 2012 goes a,b,c,d,f, for example.
    But to edit 2011 for 2012 you need to delete e,f for example then rebuild the data but because you can not add the data to the DATABLOCKDATA no one can add the mirrors because its not possible without the parameter block data to tell the game where the mirrors are in X,Y,Z coordinates,,
    I have just looked at the HighLOD And mirrors is the 8th one down ,,, We need to get a few people to keep asking Petar to finish the PSSG Editor.