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Engine,Wing & Tyre Management

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by 3GRacing, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. 3GRacing


    I've seen making these changes on track addressed here before, does anyone know of a way to make the changes using the buttons on a wheel?
    I have a PC and a G25 wheel.
    Thanks guys, this is a great site...btw
  2. Hi there,

    Go into the Game go to "My F1" then Options, scroll down until you see the commands for
    Menu Left
    Menu Right
    Menu Up
    Menu Down

    Assign them commands to your arrow keys , then ingame push the Arrows to access your management... for example,after assigning them keys ingame if i want the engine to go fast , i push Up Arrow then the Right Arrow and then the Up Arrow again to select my engine to go into "FAST" mode.
  3. If the buttons are the same as the six buttoned G27 i personally use

    - Up Arrow - Request Stop

    - Left Arrow - Right Arrow

    - Down Arrow - Look behind

    Find it works very well, hope it works for you!
  4. 3GRacing


    Excellent, Thank you fellas, it works great.
    To clarify for anyone who reads this: in the manual the keyboard option is 'Selection Menu Option 1,2,3 & 4' and the in game controller options (for wheel) its "Quick Menu Left, Right etc.'.
  5. Hey
    If have a good setup for the g25 buttons
    Go in the custom setup for the wheel not the defaulth one
    Define everything like throttle etc
    I use the following :

    Rear view : left button on wheel ( i use this very often in a race)
    Pit request : button on the g25 dpad

    To change a wing etc during race :
    Right button wheel : quick menu right
    Gear stick up : quick menu up
    Gear stick down : quick menu down
    Ps gear stick must be in sequential mode not H pattern

    Quick menu left ( only needed in the tyre submenu and not frequently used ) button on dpad

    Si if i want to change the wing : two quick pushes on the right wheel button, this opens the wing menu, then just gear stick up or down, you can do this without looking away from the screen, very easy
    For the engine push the gear stick up and so furrher.... Works very good for me

    Pit limiter is another button on the dpad
  6. I have a G27 and after messing with the logitech profiler to map my buttons got me nowhere, I just created a custom wheel setup in game instead of choosing the default one for the G27 provided. Remapped throttle/steering/brake, etc to the obvious corresponding inputs ofc.

    3 buttons on the left of the wheel are remapped to be my Dpad so I can do wing/engine/tire settings during race in the blink of an eye
    top button = up
    middle button = right
    lowest button = down

    3 buttons on right are as follows:
    top button = rear view
    middle = pit in request
    lowest = pit limiter

    That way all the settings I can use during races are on the steering wheel, and I don't even have to look down from the screen to set them while racing. This also allows me not to have to hook up the shifter. Works like a charm for me
  7. Yup that sounds nice i will also use the six buttons on my wheel once i have the g27
    But i kind of like using the gear stick fo changing the wing... I will miss that since you cannot put the gearstick in sequential position in the g27 like you can with g25...
    Where is your left menu button? Somewhere on the dpad above the stick i suppose
  8. didn't map the 'left' dpad, don't need it really so I have no idea where it is lol. having right, up and down allows you to select all settings for wing engine and tires

    added advantage to that is that I can keep both hands on the wheel at all times, unlike you when you need to reach for the shifter.
  9. Yes but its a nice feeling handling the shifter in sequential mode for the wing.... But youare right keeping both hands on the wheel is better
    The quick menu left t is for the tyre menu : you have 4 tyre choises, but i guess if you never use intermediate or wet ( dont recall which one is left arrow in quick menu ) you dont need it