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Engine management

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by iF1Nut, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. I was just wondering if some of you that have completed a season could enlightenment on your engine management. I'm on the 2nd race and was defaulted to my 2nd engine (1st engine @ 96%). Logic tells me that at that rate there's no way I can make it thru the season with my limited supply so I was wondering...

    Does it make sense to do my practices in older, used engines and save my new shinny ones for quali and races? If I DID do that, would I lose that practice session? I mean if it takes 3-5minutes to fix a broken wing, changing an engine should take significantly more, right?
  2. when you choose for the engine change it takes the whole practice session - but dont forget you have P1, P2 and P3 - and only P1 will be sacrificed
  3. Hmmm well then actually I think I'd end up paying the piper twice. Lose P1 to change to an older engine, then lose P3 changing back to a new engine. decisions, decisions, decisions...
  4. I dont really take much notice to this since I always seem to have around 94% ish on all my engines by the end of the season. Maybe just not doing enough laps to wear em down :p
  5. well F1Nut I have one engine separate just for practice and the rest for quali/racing :D and you know what I do? Practice is really only for you, to find you driving lines, setups which you can save... after change of the first engine, it will save the game and you have now 1:30 hours to practice... isnt that enough? if not, just quit to paddock and get back, load your setups and again 1:30 in P2... after you have done with yourself, change to P3 - change engine and you are clear to go
  6. Actually you can race in P3. You only have to change your engine in the last minutes..
  7. i dont change engines at all i just leave it the way it is whatever engine the pit crew picks for me i use that no changes i dont notice the difference and by the end of the season my engine condition is still in the 90% range for all of them
  8. James Chant

    James Chant

    Ditto. The performance is little noticeable for me when i tried it before.
  9. With the new settings I'm using I'm finding I need most of the practice times :)
  10. ahhh! good stuff. I'll try that
  11. Hmmm maybe I'm putting in too many laps during practice. I pretty much push until I'm in the top 10, then I'll pit and wait to get knocked down. I may start doing my track learning in TT, so I can be more focused on tuning during practice. That should help...maybe
  12. thats what i do and if you want some time we can run a few practice laps on a track together we might be able to learn a few techniques i have other people who want to do the same thing let ma know if your interested
  13. Definitely! I want to see how my internet connection does while racing online. I refuse to join a MP session right now because there's enough annoyances out there and I don't wanna make anyone lag. I'll look for you online!
  14. no probs will be on later dont know if i'll be playing medal of honour though lol
  15. It's all good Anthony. I promised my wife I'd cut back a little this week anyway, so I may/maynot be on :D
  16. Hey i just started year 2 in career.

    use any engine for practice and use crusie engine setting to preserve it. then near the end of P3 change it to the one you want for quali and the race. races like monoco and hungary you dont need fresh engines so use an older one. save fresh engines for Canada, spa, monza, silverstone, germany and maybe korea or spain and turkey. i try to use as fresh as possible engines at those tracks. also if your out in front or near the end of the race change to crusie engine setting. use it as much as possible because it will make a big difference to the wear rate
  17. haha i had to laugh cos my girlfriend is going mad at me playing it!! I have her head wrecked between the game and the real races haha
  18. It's crazy, huh!? Mines telling me that I'm not gonna be able to play with the kitty if I keep it up. Hmmmm racing...or kitty... I don't think I'll be online much this week. :D LOL!!!!!!
  19. solid info man. make very good sense to me. I'll try that. Just ran into the save bug again so I'm back at scratch <*sigh*>
  20. thankfully my girl plays online with me (yeah im a lucky F**cker) sometimes like on left 4 dead 2 and halo reach so if you ever see me on those games with a guest its the women on with me and trust me some games shes better than me lol