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Engine life vs power output

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by ENDR, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. I know it's been asked and answered already (at least for F1 2011), but: at what % does the engine produce noticably less power, than a brand new one?
    I'm currently during practice in Bahrain (4th race) and I'm still on my first engine, so it's already down to 84% and I'm considering changing it for a new one before the race. So is it worth it, or should I leave a new one for Catalunya?
    Whaddya think?
  2. Lol, I dont even know how you change the damn ting!!
  3. You can change it every 3 races if you wish. I forgot to change it in first 6 races(with torro roso), and got to Canada with 77%, forgot it again. And then I was locked in 18th place, closer to Caterham then front field.:( See how much you damage him in practice for Bahrain and decide.
  4. Weeeell... I didn't change it after all, so it's at 82% for the race. It PROBABLY hurt me a bit in qualifying, cause I barely got through to Q3 and couldn't get higher than 10th, but it might've as well been just my driving :D since I even did purple times in sector 1, but kept losing a LOT in sector 2 :unsure:
  5. don't worry about the engine..you're fast even going on foot:p
  6. Only when there are no Force Indias in front of me.
    Trollolo :sneaky:
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  7. the_sigman

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    I am in the second race and I will use my 1st engine for the last time in China. Is it worth using the 1st engine for practice of the next races or should I wait and see if I will need to use it again?
  8. You're going to start the practice session on the old engine anyway, so just stick with it and change it for a new one by the end of the session, unless you're already quick enough in Bahrain, that you don't need more training and want to skip straight to qualifying sessions.
  9. Am I right in thinking that changing the engine in practice ends the session but you get the new engine. If so, stick with an old engine through practice and at the very end change to a new one.
  10. my engine does not pass the 99% that do?
  11. Do you have all patches?
  12. to 5: (
  13. why don't you have all the patches installed.
    Steam will install it automatically.
    Can you check wich version your f1 2012.exe file is
  14. how to do? I have not the original game
  15. You spammed all over the place and now you say you don't have original game?
  16. no :redface: how to do?
  17. you'll have some time in your holidays;)
  18. Graham Laing

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    I think you maybe correct Dimos, I suspect an extra holiday is on it's way .....
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