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Endurance Series @ Algarve - Sat March 19th 2011

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Ivo Simons, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Mod: Endurance Series 1.2 + SP1
    Class: P1, P2, GT1, GT2
    Track: Algarve
    Event Start: 20:00 GMT

    • 20:00 - 20:20: Free Practice (P1, P2, GT1 & GT2)
    • 20:20 - 20:30: Qualification GT1 & GT2
    • 20:30 - 20:35: GT cars return to the pit
    • 20:35 - 20:45: Qualification P1 & P2
    • 20:45 - 20:50: Warm-up all cars
    • 20:50 - 21:50: Race (75 minutes)

    Fuel use: 1x
    Tire use: 1x
    Traction Control: allowed
    Time acceleration: 1x
    Notes: Click here for rules and password


    This race will be a manual formation lap with a rolling start. This means that once the light goes green the leader gradually speeds up to around 100 km/h (60mph) and drives in this pace towards the last corner.
    All other cars follow in one line with the same speed. No brake test, no swaying. When you spin your car you drop back to last position and start from there.
    When exiting the last corner the leader can go full throttle and the rest of the pack follows. No overtaking before start/finish.


    Lapping is the key word in an endurance event with multi classes taking part, especially with four different classes which has rarely been attempted before in simracing endurance events. So every driver on the track is going to have to corporate with each other to make the passing happen very smoothly on race day.
    Patience is the key when it comes to this as this is a tight track in places where passing in certain corners is very risky or not possible. So be very patient when coming up to lap cars, as losing time waiting behind lapped cars is better than a race time penalty or a harsher penalty, after race for aggressive driving when lapping.
    Cars that are being lapped should not block the cars trying to lap them and you don’t need to get out of the way when a P1 or P2 is in your mirror, you should hold your line and don’t move out the way surprising the car behind. They need to overtake you clean where they have the possibility to do so and not rush the pass.
  2. P1:

    1: Chris Butcher
    2: Magnus Dahlgren
    3: Daniel Lovett
    4: Chris Jacque
    5: Caner Basol
    6: Juha Maki-Jouppi


    1: Erik Tveit
    2: Wayne Morgan
    3: Martin Bulgin
    4: Florian Sixl
    5: Omer Bas
    6: Polat Alemdar
    7: Valerio Vinassa


    1: Kelvin van der Linde (maybe)
    2: Neil Tasker (maybe)
    3: Marcel Purschke
    4: William Levesque
    5: John Sydenstricker
    6: Juan Jose Gomez
    7: Nigel Middleton
    8: Christian da Freites
  3. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    P2 please :D
  4. p2 please
  5. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    I'll take a P1 please :)
  6. Gimme on of them P1's please! :)
  7. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin
    Premium Member

    P2 please Ivo
  8. GT2 Maybe Please Ivo
  9. P1 Please :)
  10. P1 (maybe), please
  11. LMP2 for me please. :)
  12. gt2 again please
  13. P2 add me...
  14. Mapu

    Premium Member

    RSR Ivo! :)
  15. P1 please and thank you.
  16. p2 please, thanx
  17. p1 please
  18. P1 please :)
  19. P1 please, apologies about last event had something come up...

    On a side note WhiteRacing is recruiting a driver for the next RDLMS event at Fuji in P1 category, if anyone is interested and can show good consistent pace please pm me :)

  20. You guys are weird sometimes. :p
    Last week GT1 was full within a day and now nobody chosen it yet. ;)