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endurance race

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Marty Pierce, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. I am considering doing a 1 hour race and have never done a pit stop during a race. what is the best strategy as far as number of stops for 1 hour and still holding the best position overall. Also to keep pit time short what should you check on the preset to get you to the end. Thanks
  2. What game?

    If it's only 1 hour (1 hour is a sprint really) just take it like every other race. Depending on what game it is request a pit stop a lap before your going to pit. Practice your pit entry, if you want your fuel to go that little bit further, turn your RPM down and learn how to low rev while driving fast, but that is not too important in a 1hour race, that sort of thing comes more into play with a 8 hour + race. (you can save your self a pit stop over your rivals in a 14 hour or so race by revving @ 6000rpm rather then maxing the rpm out @ 8500rpm for example)

    What car is it? you could make the full race without a pit stop as it's only 1 hour depending on the fuel tank.
  3. So if there is a manditory pit stop only take 1 stop. Do you use pit speed limiter and the presets for pit. Thanks for reply
  4. Use your pit speed limiter yes, what game are you using and I could help you out more.
  5. Sorry! I'm racing GtR evo/Race 07 club race's. Thinking about doing the mixed gt class sunday at Brands Hatch 1 hour long.
  6. Just make sure ya set your pit stragety in practice before the race.