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Emery's Public LiDAR Database

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Emery, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. I've started keeping a database of tracks with free LiDAR data sources. See https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TC3ZEGzZtE7Ywmzf2UOlrZRaMbj_BOoIKkJHDtIPSpM/edit?usp=sharing

    If you have any tracks with public LiDAR data sources to add, let me know!

    Track List (updated 25 May 2016)
    Aintree Motor Racing Circuit
    Autobahn Country Club
    Baltimore Grand Prix
    Bedford Autodrome
    Belle Isle
    Blackhawk Farms
    Brainerd International Raceway (Donnybrooke)
    Brands Hatch Circuit
    Burke Lakefront Airport
    Cadwell Park Circuit
    Carolina Motorsports Park
    Charlotte Motor Speedway (Lowe's Motor Speedway)
    Croft Circuit
    Darlington Motor Speedway
    Daytona International Speedway
    Daytona Milton Keynes
    Denver Grand Prix
    Des Moines Grand Prix (historic 1989-1994)
    Donington Park Circuit
    Gateway Motorsports Park
    Goodwood Motor Circuit
    Greenwood Roadway (historic)
    Heartland Park
    Homestead-Miami Speedway
    Houston Grand Prix (Reliant Park, NRG Park)
    Iowa Speedway
    Kansas Speedway
    Las Vegas Motor Speedway
    Lime Rock Park
    Long Beach Grand Prix
    Lucas Oil Raceway (Indianapolis Raceway Park)
    Mallory Park Racing Circuit
    Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway
    Meadowdale International Raceway (historic)
    Miami Bayfront Park
    Michigan International Speedway (with historic road course)
    Mid America Motorplex
    Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
    Nelson Ledges Road Course
    New Jersey Motorsports Complex (Thunderbolt Raceway, Lightning Raceway)
    Old Bridge Township Raceway Park
    Oulton Park Circuit
    Pittsburgh International Race Complex (BeavRun)
    Pocono Raceway
    Portland International Raceway
    Rockingham Motor Speedway
    Rockingham Speedway (North Carolina Speedway)
    Road Atlanta
    Roebling Road
    Second Creek Raceway (historic 1982-2005)
    Silverstone Circuit
    Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point)
    Snetterton Circuit
    Spokane County Raceway (Spokane Raceway Park)
    St. Petersburg Grand Prix
    Summit Point Motorsports Park
    Talladega Superspeedway
    Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre
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  2. Virginia International Raceway (VIR), Barber, AMP, Sebring, PBIR
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  3. eastern creek
  4. OK, you're going to have to tell me WHERE you found the publicly available data.
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  5. Updated list with Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

    I had searched for the data initially, but didn't find it and for some reason I found it this time... go figure!
  6. IRL is visiting NOLA Motorsports Park, near New Orleans in April. NOLA opened in 2011, but most of the Louisiana aerial LiDar files date from 2005 timeframe. The one exception is a coastal scan done in 2013, but it covers only about half the track.

    Should I list it in my database even though the data is incomplete?
  7. on the track data post above.not really if it not complete. just keep an eye on it ,if they do completed. imo
    on database, to search for this address on googlemaps. i need some kind of address.post code. or location, also try grass gis to open datafile *.las and what program recognized it??? (ok found 3dem).

    on eastern creek.... Ask brendon about it...don't know if the he licence is finished, no harm in asking

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  8. Updated database with links to Google maps aerial photos for the search impaired. Illinois Clearinghouse link has been updated with link to LAS files and I'm asking them if there is still a link for individual tiles rather than whole counties.
  9. The answer from Illinois Clearinghouse, paraphrased, is "download the County's LAS or TIN and extract just the tiles you need for your project". Harrumph
  10. Updated list with links to some temporary circuits.
  11. Updated list with links to ovals, added column for circuit type.
  12. Thought I was done updating, but found a few more favorites like Belle Isle and Road Atlanta.
  13. Added Meadowdale, Second Creek (Colorado), Rockingham (North Carolina), and Spokane.
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  14. Updated list with UK tracks.
  15. Added Aintree.
  16. Added Des Moines Grand Prix (historic TransAm street circuit 1989-1994).
  17. You'll still need to divide your Mid-Ohio CSV file into about 15 chunks before BTB will import it. Did you separate the ground return from everything else?
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  18. I started the project but as Im novice in this and I don't have enought time now...
    I was investigating to make it in blender directly with lidar. There are several rough (mid - ohio cloud) and other polished files (mid - ohio cloud 3). About CSV and BTB I don't have idea, It was going to be my next step to investigate.

    I share them if someone wants to use them. It would be great to see mid-ohio in assetto corsa since we know that laguna seca will be released.