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Released Elbonia Stage 1

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by MaxVK, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Elbonia Stage 1 (Download Link)

    Hi. This is a fantasy track that is based on real topographical data taken from Google Earth and some OS Maps.

    The track is 10k and fairly fast although it is quite deceptive, and there are a few technical sections to it that will throw the car about if you stray too far from the track at speed. Cutting corners is fine, just don't be surprised if you hit a bump and go into orbit!

    There is a Minshaft style jump, and several other jumps, all of which can destroy your car if you don't take care (You'll work those out for yourselves!).

    I have several other routes planned, and at various points on the track you can see the other track, which will come into its own in future stages. Feel free to take a drive along the other track if you wish, indeed, go explore the mountains if you like, just be careful not to fall off the edge; there are no tree walls or other barriers.

    I have tried to get a feeling of space around the track; I'm not too worried about the details, I like to drive my tracks, which means I'm going too fast and concentrating too hard to get much more than a general impression of open space, but I think this works quite well.

    I hope you enjoy driving as much as Iv enjoyed building it (and if so, you might well be in luck, because Stage 2 is currently being played with).


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  2. Very interesting, different kind of track with special things in it. :) The road is very rough and gives a totally new RBR experience. It reminds me of some lonely logging truck route in the middle of nowhere in a mountainous area. Many deceptive slow corners too combined with some faster bits. Those few climbs/descents are incredible, but still realistic I'd say. The only critique is that massive jump/downhill bit after the "Mineshaft jump". It is a bit too steep for a road to go from there in my opinion. :D

    But overall, a very interesting and a fresh experience. Looking forward to seeing more!
  3. I like your textures and the overall impression of vegetation and terrain textures together.

    I hardly could reach the finish-line because of those jumps :)
    They are really Mineshaft's-like

    May be it is only me, but the track physics are too "hard" for my wheel. Too much shocking. For me it is unpleasant, but may be it is my fault (ffb level configured too high?).

    Good work
  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Yes, the jumps are hard, but as I mentioned the area is based on some real topography and the Mineshaft style jump is the only one that has actually been created; the rest are real hills, although not necessarily in that position with regard to each other!

    zaxxon: Yeah, it is a bit hard on the hands, but I wanted the surface to slow you down a bit, as in fact it would in real life. If anyone is interested Ill upload Stage two, which is pretty much the same track, but with the other track incorporated into it.

    This gives you a much longer drive, and the middle section, which is on the other track, is much faster and a lot smoother, giving a nice change of pace.

    Personally I have my FFB turned down a bit anyway: I only want to simulate driving, but if people prefer it Ill happily smooth the track down a bit so you can really get some speed up for the Mineshaft jump!

    I'm glad a few people are enjoying it.

  5. most of the btb download links are re-directing me to the forum index page? are most of them dead?
  6. no, you just have to find thems;) On top click at downloads, scroll down to RBR, then choose Tracks and there it is;)