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Ecclestone Has To Go - Belgium Leaves Calendar?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Thomas Mundy, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Looks like tomorrow the Paul Ricard circuit will be announced as alternating with Spa meaning that Spa will now only happen once every 2 years which is the latest in a long line of recent awful decisions by Bernie Ecclestone. What's the betting they'll find circuits to alternate with Silverstone and Monza as well so we don't have them every year soon? It would seem that Mr Ecclestone doesn't seem to understand at all that we are in an economic crisis and therefore he expects european circuits to pay as much as the middle eastern ones. Being realistic is obviously not one of his assets. The thing is as well the circuits he puts on the calendar are always much worse than previous circuits. Paul Ricard is ok but it works better as a bike circuit than an F1 circuit I feel. With all those sweeping turns, can't imagine their being much overtaking.
  2. Depends what layout is used, there is so many of them. If it's the GT then it's just awful, the last section lasts forever and is only slow turns..
  3. I think Ecclestone needs a punch in the face.
    I wonder if that will return him to reality.
  4. If one is senile, there is no reality for you.
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  5. This is just stupid.
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  6. Alternating Spa with ANY other circuit is ridiculous. The one circuit everyone loves. Rather alternate Abu Dhabi and China, or something else.

    Bernie is losing it. No rich countries will join F1 in the future if nobody's watching it anyway. And pushing classic circuits like Spa out will cause people to not watch it.
  7. I wouldn't mind if they roll MOnza and Imola like Geman GP.
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  8. It is not his fault. If Spa can not afford to pay F1 fees that all tracks are paying (excl. Monaco) then he is forced to find someone that can pay. That is very simple. If he does not bring money to F1 then he is not doing his job.
  9. I´m on the same deal as Victor. I love SPA but would not mind seeing it once in two years like German GP.

    It will if anything only strengthen SPA´s mystique.

    we should also not forget that since 1971, it has only not been on the calendar twice. 2003 and 2006.
  10. Well Spa is classic and beautiful track but it's not the Spa like before. Nowadays it's no problem for the cars to take Eau Rouge and Blanchimont flat and Red Bulls even took the second with DRS opened. It's gonna be very good if we have Belgian/French GP, two spanish GPs, two Italian GPs just to see something different.
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  11. Ecclestone knows what he is doing and is responsible for making F1 what it is today. Read his book, you might be surprised to find that when he as first involved the gentleman racers of Formula 1 were paying circuits to allow them to race there.
  12. Say what you want about Eccelstone, it is his series and he can do with it as he pleases.
  13. Already copped one last year...

  14. He´s a business man, a smart one at that. Like the image above.

    He took that robbery and made money on it.
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  15. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    I think this is something France and Belgium sorted out themselves and Bernie just agreed to it. I had read it in a local newspaper before i went to the Belgium F1 last year. That they were discussing ideas of alternating it because of costs and something else about fans. It makes sense to be honest, you will get a better overall average of people going to races in that region, France/Belgium etc.
  16. I wouldn't mind if Monza completely disappears off the calendar. If we could get rid of Valencia as well then the calendar would be a lot better in my opinion. It's time to replace those two tracks with Imola and the A1-Ring.
    Spa should be retained every year because it allows for exciting racing and is an iconic track. Monza is an iconic track too, but let's be honest.. it isn't the most exciting race there is.
  17. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Monza?? The fastest race on the calender and you want rid of it? Crazy talk.
  18. You're not fully right
    Belgian GP's which were not on Spa:
    1957 - No Belgian GP
    1959 - No Belgian GP
    1969 - No Belgian GP
    1971 - No Belgian GP
    1972 - Nivelles-Baulers
    1973 - Zolder
    1974 - Nivelles- Baulers
    1975 - Zolder
    1976 - Zolder
    1977 - Zolder
    1978 - Zolder
    1979 - Zolder
    1980 - Zolder
    1981 - Zolder
    1982 - Zolder
    1984 - Zolder
    Since 1985 it's all Spa-Francorchamps except 2003 and 2006.

    Monza, Spa, Monaco, Suzuka and Gilles Villeneuve should never leave the calendar imo. But Imola shouldn't have left too, just like the old Hockenheimring..
  19. Imola is not kind of an overtaking track at first. Yeah there is DRS but I still remember Schumi riding Alonso for 30 laps without a chance to attack. For me it's gonna be good if they both host the Italian GP like Germany but I would never give up on Monza for Imola.
  20. Oh damn you are completely correct. I just checked Belgian GP...