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PC Eau Rouge flat out in 488 GT3

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Billy Pilgrim, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. I just had a race at Eau Rouge in the GT3 Ferrari. On the sixth or seventh lap (with tyres still mostly blue in the tyre app) I could take Eau Rouge flat out - not even coming off the throttle for a moment. I was driving at, I think, 20 degrees ambient temp (maybe 18 or 19)

    I shouldn't be able to do that, should I? I seem to remember that they'd fixed the problem of being able to take Eau Rouge flat out.

    I haven't checked if it's the same with other GT3 cars yet. Anyone else know about other GT3 cars?
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  2. I've been able to take Eau Rouge flat out with every car so far, seems pretty normal, the current real life lap times at Spa are just about 2:18-2:18,5
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  3. BDA


    There's a video of a Z4 GT3 taking Eau Rouge flat out in real life.
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  4. The Z4 GT3 is the only car in 2014 driven by Alexander Sims that was able to go through Eau Rogue flat-out, because of how much down-force that car has!

    Note: It sounds like he lifts but it's the engine lacking of power due to the high g-forces!

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  5. RS01 did it too, i just simply google'd and YouTube searched, seems there are other sims games (iracing) same possibility, flat out through "eau rouge". (just curious, is this in "optimal" track conditions? have you tested other conditions and other tire compounds? which compound?)
  6. I was using the default tyres, green track, 20 degrees.
    I'll test some more (with other cars) when I can.
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  7. Didn't look easy though

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  8. 2 years later the cars are much faster through the corners, almost every car with any driver that has the balls to do it can go flat out through Eau Rouge
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  9. I was watching the super pole from the 24 hour race this morning and one of the Audis took it flat.
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  10. The top GT3 cars all take it flat on a fast lap.
  11. Today's improved aerodynamics is no comparison with earlier years feats!
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  12. I think AC`s GT3 cars (and similar) are to easy to drive on the their limits. With every single them can go through there with full throttle, even in not perfect conditions (in real life rarely are!!).
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  13. yeah, mainly because they're not as fast as the GT1's were.
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  14. yeah, Spa you can see flat out. and it is freat to see that today's GT3 are not "just" super fast. wonderful to watch these cars and comparing their tachometers with AC while driving, they are pretty much spot on, +/- 10-15. in my book that's fantastic.
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  15. He did it too in 2014 :)

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  16. xnorb

    Premium Member

    You don't die in a sim when you screw up, so you can go flat-out and even if you crash, just press Esc and start again.
    Also Spa doesn't have a driving academy afaik, so it's quite likely that your average simracer has more experience on Spa than a real world race driver who only gets very limited practice time on the track.

    Whenever those "This shouldn't be possible" threads come up it's usually on a topic which is borderline suicidal or is just a thing because you already took the corner or chicane 5.000 times.
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  17. You guys please share how you do it.
    With none of the Kunos GT3 cars I can go through Eau Rouge and stay within the track limits at Radillon (cutting over the left hand kerb at the hilltop towards Kemmel straight).
    The cars simply do not turn into the right hand corner leaving the compression but understeer, plowing ahead when trying to go 6th gear full throttle through the section.

    I have not just to lift but break just before the apex of the right hander through the compression to rotate the car. I end up leaving the section onto the straight at about 215 - 220 km/h when staying within track limits (cutting the left hand rumble strip, but staying with at least two tires within the track).

    When racing with the URD EGT Porsche 911 GT3, full throttle 6th gear is easily possible but I do not trust the physics of the URD cars as much as I would Kunos cars here.

    I aways race with track conditions at green at the most (a pity, standard condition is always at an unrealistic optimum).

    I also admit that I do not achieve the insane sub 2:20 min times as during this year's 24h race in any of the Kunos GT3 cars.
    With a very nervous McLaren 650s I can do a low 2:24.
    With the Mercedes AMG GT3, I have done a low 2:23.

    Oh I have to mention - all the above is true when racing with medium tires and 45 liters of fuel in the tank on the out lap - so far I didn't try the soft tires around Spa.

    So - how do you do it.
  18. I have no problem with full throttle at Eau Rouge in the last races in MP. But usually they are at 100% grip so that could be the point. Iam not the quickest driver but i managed a low 2:20 in the 488 on med tires so it must be the grip level.

    it is also very interesting to see how real cars behave in onboard videos. It looks so simple to drive clean and it looks that the real cars have a lot more downforce. But at the end, i think its just the talent of the drivers, i am allways 3-4 sec. slower than the polesetter in MP sessions...
  19. Agree with you, but please note URD is simulating GTE and not GT3, different type of cars :)
  20. I have tried the 458 GT2, 488 GT3 around Spa and had no problems taking Eau Rouge flat if I got the line right.
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