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Early 80's Michelin tyres

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by aagancia, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. the last tyre for the '83 mod... Early 80's Michelin tyres [​IMG] yes, it is the same as the 80's Pirelli, just changed the wall.
    *options have red marks (in case you forget what you fitted)
    * super softs and softs are assigned as option tyres. They will have the red mark on the sidewall. So in tracks like Monaco and Singapore, both prime and option will have the red mark. In tracks like Spa and Monza, both prime and option will NOT have the red mark.

    I could not get good info on what treads they used in the wet. I was guessing the classic TB15, but could not confirm it. So I used the AVON treads used in historic races just like the one I used on the Pirelli.

    thanks and enjoy.:)

    alternative link:

    Download link:
    Early 80's Michelin tyres
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  2. Are you doing the Pirelli?
  3. thanks for all tyres .fantastic job
  4. aagancia I think we have a new tyre manufacturer for our Formula 1 Seasons.
    Good Job buddy. :thumbsup:
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  5. aagancia Just to know, you will try to do the firestone tyres that i show you? :thumbsup: When you can of course! :laugh:
  7. great! many thanks - i need this for my old cars.
    see your Goodyear-material in my pictures in the RETRO Thread (new ferrari and BRM).
    Michelin follows :) FERRARI-4.jpg BRM-1.jpg

    Have you dunlop tyres ?
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  8. I will probably work on a fictional set of tyres for use with a fictional team or those who has their own fictional season mod. But before that, I'm planning on making 2006 Michelin with their actual treads.
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  9. No, don't have dunlop tyres yet. Do you mean the old dunlop for the BRM? If you can help me find a good hires pic, I could have an easier time making one.:) I sometimes spend more time doing research than making the actual tyres.
  10. Thanks Gerald and all. We already have a lot of car makers out there so I decided to work on tyres for now.;)

    Those old liveries look great and better with the proper tyres.:thumbsup: