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Dynamic Weather.

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by remydeleeuw, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. What do you guys think of the dynamic weather in carreer mode?
    I'm already 10 races in and every grand prix weekend there is a session with rain.

    Did anyone noticed the minor mirror bug? I was driving for mclaren and alonso and kimi were behind me. Both of the cars have nr 14 on it in the mirrors, same goes for the mercedes, both have 44 on it.
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  2. I've always thought there has been too much rain in CM games. In real life maybe 2 or 3 races have rain over the course of the year. But in the game it's all the time. Since I've started using Martin's database mod though it's been much better. Rain comes less often, and the mod includes wet weather pace changes, so you can actually keep up even if it does!
  3. Remy.

    I cannot confirm this 100%, but indeed the career mode weather may be scripted and unchangeable.

    I have changed all the tod.xml files which contain the dynamic weather for my mod, and I also changed dynamic weather settings and environment settings in the database, but I believe this may only affect the game in GP mode only. But as I said above, the career mode weather may be controlled somewhere else in this game, though I cannot confirm this is 100% correct.

    If you would like you could test either my mod or Martin's with the changed tod.xml files and changes to the weather in the database and see if this makes your career have less rain.
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  4. Will try it when i'm back at home :) thanks