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Dynamic weather system

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Paul Nadon, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. After patch #6 the dynamic weather system still needs to be looked at. At 25% races the tracks are getting wet way to fast and drying way to fast. It starts to rain a little, and you think well I will go in next lap. And now you start to slide, almost undrivable. Same with drying, you are on Inter tires it starts to dry, drying line shows up for maybe half a lap then "pufff" gone and you start to slide. :confused: You should not be sliding on Inter tires on a dry track that bad. Maybe it's better on 50% races but even so, it seems that (for me) the dynamic weather just gets in the way of a good race. A No Rain Mod would be more then welcomed. ;)
  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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  3. Just like IRL o_O Even the smallest amount of water on the track means sliding and dificulties.
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  4. Yea! They seem to have given up for now...This Dynamic weather system would seem to me at least, very difficult for any racing game company to get right. So why bother, it just causes more problems than good. I would be happier with just rain days, and just mix it up during a season.
  5. IRL :notworthy: you should not be sliding on Inter tires on a dry track that bad. Tracks do not dry that fast, and they don't become a skating rink within half a lap of very light rain... Just saying, that at 25% length the dynamic weather doesn't work properly, in,,,"The Game:rolleyes: "
  6. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    This is a good thing! Thats exactly how it should be! I totally agree with you!
  7. IRL they don't have 25% races with fast weather changes :)
  8. I was rather bemused when racing in Bahrain in career mode 50% distance when the rain started with 6-7 laps to go. Light rain fell but the track didn't lose any grip. The track looked like it was fairly wet, at least wet enough for inters, yet I was posting laptimes not overly different to how it was before
  9. Well, maybe not F1, but there is alot of sprint series around the world, which you could say they are 25% long. Fast wheather changes....Yea! seen many times, you get sun to light rain to heavy back to sun again within 5 minutes. IRL cars(race cars) don't start loosing complete control with no traction in light rain within 1 minute...They(CM) are trying to squeeze in a dynamic weather system at 25% race length. The wheather effects on the tires, happens way to fast and to severe at this percentage.
  10. Don't forget, when light rain falls on a hot sunny track, which is also hot on the racing line, lap times will not change at first, and it can be several laps before you start to lose grip. Not making excuses for CM, but it is worth mentioning :)
  11. I was actually just thinking that. But the thing is the track looked properly soaked like the wet run on the YDT on at least 3 quarters of the track. Grip however was in abundance. I didn't set any faster lap times because by that time I was defending heavily on tyres that were worn due to my occasionally slide happy driving style but I wasn't falling off the pace either.
  12. I have just found this in career too, the situaiton at Sepang.

    Youa re warned beforehand that it might rain and sure enough it does after about 10 laps, I was pitting on 8, so put on options which are allegedly better in dampish conditions. tyres are warm, everything.

    SO you start seeing a bit of rain in last few turns, you change your line and are careful, then all of a sudden into turn 1 its horrendous, you spin as soon as you touch brakes yet the AI are on rails?

    Very poor QA testing in my view as you cant possibly be that quick on slicks in rain, all in a line, all together, just so ibvious it hasnt been tested properly.
    Big shame as I really like the basic game, if you really push hard you can hold a gap and make a difference and gain, but this weather thing is a bit poor, very poor I am afraid.