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Dynamic Racing Line

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by jsoccer9, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    F1 2011 is my first F1 racing game and only my second circuit racing game. So naturally I use the racing line which tells me when to brake and accelerate. Ecspecially when driving an F1 car the most speed which a corner can be taken at is essential. So to get the best grid position i need to get around the circuit quickly, but to make the game as realistic as possible I want to race without the DRL. So im wondering if there is an easy way for a racing noob to race without a DRL? If so please tell me how, because idk if it just doing so many laps with the DRL that the braking points memorized or just guessing when to break knowing the handling capabilities of your chasis.

    Please comment, Thanks
  2. The racing line was the hardest assist for me to give up when i weened myself off TCS. Eventually one day i turned it off and never missed it. All about Laps, Laps and more laps.
  3. Thanks for the comments, so if it is all about laps should i use practice seesiojn to learn the track? However my tires are done well before the recomended pit lap so i would have no tires for the race. I could either turn tire wear off for P1-P3 to learn the tack without wasting tires, or i could go to proving grounds or something like that.
  4. I'm in the same position, I only got F1 2011 a few days ago and I can't even seem to finish in a decent position against amateur opposition! My consistency is absolutely rubbish and staying on the racing line using an Xbox 360 controller is pretty tough; I'm thinking I need a wheel.

    I always need to pit in before the AI too, using mix 3 to keep up, spinning out and not being able to be smooth whilst using a gamepad is probably what does it.

    Watching people like Andrew Bortz and pietrofantastic on YouTube helps too - those guys drive really smooth; you can't get that same smoothness with a gamepad (I can't anyway).
  5. Its the same here too except im racing with Legend AI and finnish in a respectible 18th or 17th in a williams. However I could achieve much more if i didnt spin out so many times. It is worth saying that I use auto gears and TC on medium but the smothness of the acceleration kills me.
  6. Yeah, it is really really hard to ease the acceleration, braking and steering with a gamepad (even though the triggers are analogue on the Xbox 360 controller) - 70% of the time I lock my wheels up, wheelspin or turn in to much whilst braking, accelerating or taking an easy corner respectively and absolutely annihilate my tyres in the process.

    I've seriously done about 200 laps of Melbourne, and the quickest lap I've done is about 1.29.203 in a Red Bull in time trial mode. F1 2011 is totally different to F1 2010 where I was actually really good with a gamepad (or probably wasn't but appeared to be because the AI was easier). I'm finding it impossible to learn the tracks with my current control method.

    I've tried all the options - TC off, medium or full, ABS off and on etc... and my lap times are pretty similar whether I have everything on or off :(
  7. I have done some practice GP's in a McLaren and with TC on medium it feels like I am driving a williams with TC full. SO what im trying to do is get into a better team so i can stop spining out and actually do fiv laps without losing my front wing. Right now im starting the Japanise GP and i have an offer from Force INdia which is supprising a lot better than the williams.
  8. Just set 1.25.550 at Melbourne in a Mclaren :) It's not very fast by any means but beats 1.29.203 and I wasn't using any KERS or DRS except on the first two straights. I figured out that I was braking too late (after watching Alex Bikazzan's 'F1 2011 for Dummies' Melbourne video) and then not using any acceleration through turns so I was exiting with a much slower speed than I would if I used the brake earlier and accelerated through the turns.
  9. thanks for that, are you using a wheel and no DRL?
  10. I'm using an Xbox 360 controller but plan to get a wheel ASAP. If you mean driving line by DRL then no, I always turn the racing line off or else I just end up too busy fixated on the line and fly off the track at every turn :D
  11. So how do you say is the best way for someone like me to ease my way off the racing line without over cooking every corner and costing Frank Williams millions of pounds in carbon fiber
  12. Start off slower and build up the speed and take the braking point further and further as you get to know the line better and keep pumping in the laps
  13. Is this possible to do in FP1-FP3 or should i go to time trial and keep laping, also if this is possible to do in Practices how should i stop my tires from degrading so quickly. I have 3 tires for FP1 and thats not enough. Even in the other prcticies i still need to save 3-4 sets for the race so i will destroy my tires even before quaily
  14. You're given 6 sets of primes and 5 sets of options for the entire race weekend. 3 sets of primes and options are reserved for the race, meaning you have 3 sets of primes and 2 sets of options for practice sessions. So no need to worry about wasting tires in practice. If your tires are degrading too quickly, it could either be a setup or a driving style problem. Negative camber and stiff springs are known for increasing tire wear. Driving issue would refer to being too aggressive on the gas, steering, sliding or locking up wheels.