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dual motor-vs-belt drive

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by ohioracer, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. I had a t500 in my basket ready to check out @ amazon then decided to read the reviews of it and was amazed how bad their customer service was after the fact. Around 30 poor reviews for the unit not working with in an hour of starting up and months waiting on parts/support. G27 for all intent and purposes seems like the best buy, then reading on different forums how dead it feels, pedals not so good, shifter not so good etc., has anybody regretted buying both or either. I must do something as my old momo is done and I MUST do some laps somewhere soon. Thanks for any input out there.

    PS. love R3E since the update. You are encouraged to update more often if that's the result.
  2. jimortality


    T500 is a quality wheel mate, 30 poor reviews? that does seem a lot but you ask anyone it is a great wheel. What about the new TX or T300? I have the TX and it's a great wheel plus cheaper than the T500.
  3. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    I know several drivers that are happy with the T500. The TX and T300 has not so good pedals. A clutch is always nice to have.
    I had a Logitech G25 and now a Fanatec CSW and a belt drive system is really nice. It doesnt make a diffrence in terms of laptime, but a belt drive is a lot quiter, which was an important aspect for me. I think both wheels are great, but the price diffrence isnt that big as it was compared to my G25 (150€). I think 250€ now for a G27 is a bit expensive, so I would pay the extra bucks and get a T500 and maybe add the F1 or Ferrari GT wheel later on.

    I have to say the Logitech pedals arent bad I like mine and use them since 5 years, the shifter of course is cheap, but what would you expect? High quality shifters cost the same as a G27. I still like the FFB from the Logitech as well. I havent tried the T500 myself, but you cant really go wrong with both of them. For every wheel you find stories about issues, but in 5 year G25 and half a year Fanatec CSW I didnt have a single issue with my wheel.
    In the end I would go for personal taste and what you are willing to spend.
  4. jimortality


    Yeah the pedals are a weak spot for the TX but I managed to get a brand new set of T500 pedals which I like :)
  5. William Wester

    William Wester

    Loving my TX, strong FFB, quiet and smooth... the standard pedals weren't bad once I modded the brake pedal (progressive resistance) but I did end up buying the TH3PA pedals for the clutch. I also have the TH8A shifter on order.
    With that said, now that I have a clutch I don't use all that often because of the cars I am usually driving or the clutch implementation in some games is lacking (no ill effects from up/down shifting without).
    The TX did get some bad reviews with the early units but Thrustmaster stands behind their products - and the vast majority of complaints were almost immediately after purchase.
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  6. I think I am going to just get the g27, use it for a while and keep on the look out for a tx500. I have a friend who drives a miata @ mid-ohio and vi etc and I have been trying to entice him to get on with setting up a simple sim system but no luck so far. He has spent hours @ my rig doing laps and laughing his ass off and says it is scary how close it is to actual. So, if I find a good buy on a tx, I can surely get him to use the g27. That is if I stop calling him surely. Thanks for the heads up on pedals/shifters too to all.