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Featured DTM Champion Wittmann earns STR F1 test

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Jordan Wilkins, Oct 20, 2014.

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    After dominating the highly competitive German DTM touring car series this year, only his second in the series, BMW driver Marco Wittmann has been rewarded by the company with a dream F1 test with Red Bull junior team Scuderia Toro Rosso.

    The 24 year old German was a single seater convert to the BMW DTM programme in 2012 and now BMW are rewarding him by letting him get back to his previous career with this Toro Rosso F1 test. Wittmann could have progressed further up the single seater ladder after an impressive 2008 Formula BMW Europe campaign where he finished 2nd in his first season, before three years in the F3 Euro Series which yielded two 2nd title placings in 2010-2011 and numerous podiums in the Macau GP and F3 Masters also.

    BMW Head of Motorsport Jens Marquardt explained BMW's decision "Marco has an extraordinary season behind him, in which he has given BMW Motorsport an awful lot of pleasure, It is now our turn to reward him for his efforts. For this reason, BMW has come up with something very special. I am delighted that we can also make his childhood dream come true with the Formula One test. Thanks to the relationship we enjoy with our premium partner Red Bull, it was possible for us to organise a test drive in the Toro Rosso. "

    Another source of good news for Wittmann is the conformation his contract with BMW has also been extended for the next several years. Marquardt added this on the announcement " The contract renewal for the coming season is a logical step for us, as he has consistently impressed us in the three years he has been working with us within the DTM - both on and off the track."

    The good news seemingly keeps on coming for Marco Wittmann, someone who has shown his talents in the DTM this year, something he will hopefully also shows in his prize F1 test later on this year with Scuderia Toro Rosso. What are your thoughts on this announcement?
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  2. It's just a reward. And Lynn, Gasly or Sainz deserves a seat in Toro Rosso. What about the Vergne case ? Toro Rosso wants a pilot with experience to help Max. I think Vergne is a good choice, not a pilot who comes from DTM.
  3. Yeah but Max and Wittmann probably know eachother, because the Formula 3 series travel with the DTM series, so that might be a reason as of why
  4. What about Felix da Costa? He is the number 3 driver of the Redbull team , he was in the DTM this year and he will be on Formula E too.
  5. Yes why not Felix da Costa.
    I think Marco Wittmann has a great future in DTM. I'm a fan of DTM, and he is one of my favorite racer ;)
    And Red Bull has several young talents. So, 2 rookies at Torro Rosso it's a risk to take.
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  6. True, Wittmann has a better career in DTM at the moment, and I'm a huge DTM, BMW fan :p Was at Hockenheim last weekend too! Awesome race, I still feel sad for Jamie Green though
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  7. antonio was too bad in the last season. He couldnĀ“t convince
  8. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium Member

    Do I need to point out that this is only a test, not a seat he got? Stop pretending he gets a seat in F1 over Vergne, da Costa or whoever, Wittman is not going to F1.

    "Another source of good news for Wittmann is the conformation his contract with BMW has also been extended for the next several years."
    This MIGHT BE A HINT that he stays at DTM
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  9. For anyone who was wondering I was not trying to suggest in the article that Wittmann is looking for an F1 seat next year the last paragraph clearly states he will remain in the DTM for the next few years. All I was trying to suggest in the article that I hope he impresses in his prize test show the talent he had that's all
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