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DTM 1992: Transmission data for each of the cars?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Sk3ptik0n, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. I am driving every car in this new mod assuming they are 5 or 6 speed with a manual H pattern shifter.

    Is that correct? Did any of these cars had a floor sequential shifter?

    I am also assuming all of them needed a clutch to both upshift and downshift. Again, this is an assumption on my part and 1992 being a period when sequential shifter where in their infancy I'd like to know if any of the cars were using some different type of trans.
    In other words, I should I drive each car?
  2. As posted in another thread:

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  3. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    good question and answer.

    iove just bought my g27 and im wondering if you need clutch for sequential gearing. I know you need it to engage 1st from stationary but do you need while in motion for the others
    geras. I would love to use the h shift for all the cars but trying it in a DTM is slower, you can tell by the speed of the shifts.

    anyone here use h shift w clutch on everything ?

    be nice if you have both to have the game lock you in the relevant mode. (optional of course\)
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  4. I don't use H pattern for everything. I try to use whatever corresponds to the car that I am "virtually" driving. What is cool about R3E is that it allows to have the gears programmed in through my TH8 shifter and the sequential through the paddles as well. I have stopped using the clutch until I can figure out how to set it so that I am not blowing up my transmission.

    Clutch - This is what I am going to try next: Recalibrate my clutch pedal through the driver but only depress it about half way. Then try it out in R3E to see how "soon" it will engage. Probably won't work. I'll report back after the car gets towed back into the pits.:laugh::roflmao:
  5. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    hhmmm I keep breaking my clutch too, with auto clutch off in sequential. (im not clutching for shifting so makes sense)

    hhmm good idea

    wont it engage even sooner that way?

    how about enlargening the deadzone\\?
    TRY CLUTCH 100% DEADZONE// felt better for me
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  6. Yeah, I had tried that and it did help. I still want to try recalibrating though. I need it to engage sooner. Otherwise, the shift is taking too long. I also need to work on technique.
  7. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    u blowing your clutch through paddles or shifter?

    I wouldn't use clutch off through paddles, its too quick.
  8. I think the problem you are encountering is the fact that RRRE doesn't model a modern sequential gearbox correctly at the moment. A modern sequential gearbox (be it paddles or a stick) doesn't need to clutch when shifting gears and it auto-lifts and auto-blips by itself. But in RRRE, when you disable auto clutch and shift gears without using the clutch even a modern car (GT3 for example) will have a gearbox failure in no time. So you either have to use the manual clutch or use auto clutch. I admit that I use auto clutch because clutching manually is a huge disadvantage when you go online and you are the only one doing so. ;) Downside is that you never really know when the auto clutch gets engaged. It might surprise you at some point... :D
  9. Thank you for the replies guys. Very interesting. Any idea how the Merc and the BMW let you shift without a clutch? I know it's done all the time nowadays, but back in 92 a H pattern shifter that did not require a clutch must have been somewhat of a rarity.
  10. I think the big 3 (Audi, Merc, BMW) ran Dog Box Transmissions, but im not really sure.

    Description here:


    Subaru ran these gearboxes as well in their McRae area for example, i think by 99 they switched over to sequential with paddles.

    These gearboxes are still common for Group A rallycars nowadays.

    Heres a recent onboard video from a E30 DTM, driven by a motorsport journalist from a famous german magazine:

    You can see how he is using the clutch though, i think they didnt want to put too much stress on the (probably) older gearbox, that`s why.

    Again, not really sure if they used Dogbox transmissions or not.
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