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Driving help for the Nordschleife

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Hey,
    I know it's a long video, but I've been trying to improve my driving and I would really appreciate it if you'd take a look at my lap and tell me what I can improve. Sorry for the lack of sound, I don't know why it got messed up.

    I was driving on superslicks, with tyre wear off and no fuel usage.
    My sector splits were:
  2. Just a quick assumption. The initial turn in is not positive enough. It seems to be eagerly too early also. Lauda once said, all you need to do is carry 1km/h more into every corner and it will multiply itself. You need to build a mental picture of what is beyond the brow of the corner as in to get more confidence to carry the speed is what I would advise. You have left way more than 1kmh in some of those corners not taking the best racing line.
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  3. I think you can improve your braking. You first apply a lower pressure and then increase it before letting off the brake again. Turn this the other way around: apply the maximum pressure you can, before easing off the brake.
    The corner begins, when you apply the brake and how you do that will define speed, corner radius, stability and ofc lap time.
  4. Turn on tire wear to make the superslicks tires go up to 100% grip level.
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  5. luckybob

    Bas Kloeth

    Hi Nathaniel,
    first of it's a fantastic fun track,

    all above is good advice. I like to chase my ghost, you can set the time it's ahead of you as well.

    posted a vid to compare

    no setup, supersoft

  6. hi bob, how did you get the rev counter ? is it one of the apps from the right hand side.
  7. thats a great app if you use/just started using manual gear like i just have. im in the same boat, trying to get a good time on this track.
  8. Matyas Kone

    Matyas Kone
    Matyas_k Premium

    Nice video and driving:) how can I set this mirror, becouse I can't find.
    Thank you
  9. thanks a lot..
  10. Marc


    Press "F11"


    mod-edit: corrected for you
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  11. IRobot


    Is there an app that shows your split time against your lap record that you've set on a previous occasion ?
  12. I think rivali delta works that way, you gotta try I'm not totally sure.
    (click on the helmet or globe to change types of delta timing)
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  13. Matyas Kone

    Matyas Kone
    Matyas_k Premium

    Thank you, I m thinking about this for view change, but I want to try it again before I ask back you:)
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  14. Well there was that corner where you went completely off into the sand and bounced against a guardrail. Thats gotta be worth at least a second or two.
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  15. Thanks for all the advice! @Niki Đaković and @Georg Siebert , I've applied all you have told me; took another go at it the next day, and got the time down substantially. @luckybob I even beat your time! :D

    Oh and @Hany Alsabti, thanks, that's good to know; however i can't turn on the tire wear, because I don't want to restart after every lap, since the timer does not work.

    Would you take a new look at a new poorly edited and glitchy video. I know for a fact I can get the time down to below 6:40. There's at least 3 tenths lost at Aremberg, where I should have positioned myself more to the left, and turned in later. I am positive I can gain another 3 tenths on Adenauer Forst. Than another 2 tenths or so on Steilstrecke. Oh, and am I right in assuming if driven correctly the fast-left Mutkurve can be taken flat? There's a second or more. And I'm sure that my driving left much to be desired. So I'm really hoping to get it to 7:39. I'll see how it goes. :)

    Here's the video. I've again included the telemetry, so you can see how much grip there was left, and if the tires had locked.

    Here are the split times from my previous video:
    And the new:

    Thanks for all your advice again!
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  16. have you watched this already?

    I know I know, the jokes are nearly as bad as the haircuts and the shorts. But there is a helluva lot of info in there!
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  17. Yes I have, thanks for the link! Infact, the really good thing about this is that rf2 has the skip barber formulas. So I even tried the things first hand. :)
  18. luckybob

    Bas Kloeth

    Hi Nathaniel, good to see you improved your time and beat me....grrr. I have found rsr timing app a good one to check the competition. There are some ridiculousely fast guys there....