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Driving Force Pro settings?

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by Ethanamoz, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Hello, I got quite old DFP wheel, I bought it some years ago for PS2 and 90% of time I didn't use it. I tried Rfactor but I had problems with setting up my wheel properly. I decided to try F1 2014 than, and I got same problem. I get better times playing on keyboard, lol. But it's not only my bad cuz I feel really bad with current wheel seetings, I know there is something wrong.

    First thing, degrees of rotation in logitech profiler. Default is 200 but that's too low. People were saying 520 or 450 but I have to rotate the wheel very long and it's impossible to play like that. Finally I tried 280 degrees and that's the best so far but probably could be better. What do you think?

    Centering marked but on 0%. Allow game... marked.

    I have read a lot of posts/threads and people were saying they play with everything on 0% ingame settings. I have no idea how is it possible, cuz if I stay on 0% I can't even make one corner. Car is moving very slow right/left on straight and wheels angle (I mean turning in the corner) is really small, I'm always too wide. So I have to set steering saturation on 50-60% not on 0% like people say. Linearity 0% or 100% no big difference on 280 degrees. And with steering saturation I can finally turn in corners but it's still not perfect.

    So can you guys help me a little bit to set it up? I'd be very very grateful. And sorry for my english, I'm not good, thanks in advance.
  2. Have you got the override input device set to steering wheel in the advanced wheel settings? Not having it set to steering wheel is a common cause of issues
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  3. i would not ever think about setting the rotation above 300 deg in CM F1 games :D
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  4. Someone told me to set it on even 900 xD

    Jonathan thanks a lot, I didn't know about that. Now is ok even with saturation on 0% but I have to set linearity on 50%. I'll try with different degrees between 200-280 and find best for me. Still would be nice to see your settings guys, especially ingame cuz I have no idea if it's worth to set deadzone and the rest. I practice on Australia Melbourne track, what's your hotlap on option tires, dry conditions? I saw 1:23:XXX and 1:24:XXX on youtube but I can't reach even 1:26 without little corner cutting ;D
  5. I don't use the same wheel as you, so can't help you with in game settings.

    Can't remember my Melbourne times fully, but a 1:26 doesn't seem bad from what I can recall. Not played 2014 in a while, assetto corsa has taken my racing time up recently
  6. well i can only barely Drive 1:26 times on Melbourne and i have almost the same wheel as you (Driving Force GT )