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Driving a RWD?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by charliebrown, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. I am pretty comfortable driving the FWD cars in Race 07 but am having alot of trouble with the RWDs. Does anyone have any tips for me on how I can pick up?

    I realize I can brake late and turn in, apply generous amounts of throttle (which borders along the lines of understeer) to make a turn in a FWD car, but it just doesn't work for the RWD..

    Are there any pointers or tips? Which car would you recommend to pick up RWD with? The BMW seems pretty darn powerful!
  2. I'm sure others will be able to give some much better tips but I would say try and maximize your line for RWD, it's harder to take a tight inside line on a turn with RWD compared to FWD because the fronts can get on the throttle so early to pull them through. Keep your lines wider so you have to use less sterring angle, and be more gentle with the throttle coming out of the turn. The more the wheel is turned the more careful you need to be on the gas. Try to drive lines that let you start unwinding the wheel a bit earlier so you can get on the throttle earlier(though this can be difficult when you've got a car on your rear bumper).
  3. Make sure your brake bias is set way more towards the rear.

    The usual 60-40 for FWD will not work too well on a RWD. You won't be able to trail brake.

    I usually shoot for 55-45
  4. I do the opposite to that, if you brake into a corner with rear bias on a RWD good luck keeping it stable. I run 53:47 on most FWD's and around 58:42 on RWD's
  5. Brake nicely before the corner and gently accelerate around, always try to apply some throttle when going around the corners as it stops the back from spinning out, you'll have to brake more because of this but it'll give you more speed coming out, and especially keep that throttle on slightly through bumpy corners.

    Don't jump gears, unless you're using clutch control whereby you're changing down, braking and using the accelerator while using the clutch to bring your revs up round a corner, it stops the back end from coming forward, also brake well in advance and only when they hit about 5000 do you start shifting downwards, also be very careful about shifting from 3 downwards.
  6. RWD won't let you get away with braking and turning at the same time like FWD will.

    Try to do all of your barking in a staight line, you may need to find new braking points and turning references to get the most out of it. Trying to steer during braking will ofter result in locked brakes and understeer.

    After you release the breaks, turn in to the corner, applying sufficient throttle to cary you through the corner and accelerate out of it. If you experience under or oversteer as you pass through the corner, more throttle will usually make it worse; Try easing off enough to regain control, and then re-applying.

    Always apply the throttle gradually and try not to apply full throttle until you know that you can maintain it all the way to the exit.

    The previously posted tips on setup can be used to fine-tune how the car handles during Braking, turn-in, weight transfer (as you stop decelerating and start accelerating) and exit.

    Hope this helps a little.
  7. Ahhhhh so that's why I suck! :rotfl:

    Thanks I'll give it a go :party2:
  8. Does depend on the car, 57:40-60:40 works well on the BMW's for me and i run about 61:39-63:37 on the BMS.