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Driver Training request on better footwork for faster cornering

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rick Malm, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. I notice that I am way pretty casual on my footwork. Slow transitions, throttle off before braking vs AI drivers transitions are fast and the break pressure comes on at the same time as the throttle comes off.

    Can you describe your footwork in detail through a corner from start of braking to exit? (no clutch used at this point)?

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  2. Well, it depends on the car characteristics. Sometimes it is good to ease up on the throttle and transition slowly, depending on balance, diff settings on coast etc.

    But for cars with sequentials not needing the clutch i do what i do In real life with the Radical for instance.

    I left foot brake. When entering the turn i put HARD pressure on the pedal with my left foot, still keeping right foot on throttle but beginning to ease on the throttle. Easing up on throttle AND brake starting to turn in, but hitting throttle harder a brief moment while shifting down just before turning the wheel harder to match up the revs of the lower gear as to not unsettle the car.

    As i am hitting the apex, throttle is completely off, but still carrying some braking all the way in to it, then release the trailing brake at the clipping point.

    Then free roll around until properly lined up, then i just go full throttle asap :)
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  3. Thanks Richard.

    Just the kind of input that I need since its different from mine and AI. I am using a V8 at Brasilia.

    I have been, pressing HARD on the left at the brake start point and at the exact same time releasing the throttle just like AI does,. Then at the end of my full braking line releasing the brake very quickly and just before that I start my turn in just a little gradually before the brake is completely released. Throttle is pressure is still completely off. Some coast approaching the apex and then the AI drivers a get on the throttle but I seem to wait a little longer but squeeze it on starting just before the apex. Then almost at the exit I have to stop the throttle increase to keep from going wide at the exit and AI is FULL on and has more speed into the next straight as a result. Maybe a picture helps. I attached a AI vs me plot.

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