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driver point of view camera

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by eddyb, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. can anyone make something close to this view please.
  2. Hello, and to what car you need
    such a view? I think I have such a
    view and could you send a file.
  3. if it could be done for all cars that would be great.
  4. zuber84cool what lights do you use??
  5. Hi, this is my mod lighting and effects:)
  6. Can look back?in different mod of camera, I could not watch back..
  7. Click key END.
  8. i know, but i had sterling wheel and with another mod Camera, couldn't use in my button ,without END!You understend?
  9. thanks for this, it close to that view but not what i look for.i want to have a go at it.
    is there a guide somewhere and what tools i need?

  10. ok , i opened the camera file xml>txt, but how do i know witch line is the right to edit.
    i don't see cockpit cam or t-cam how are these named??
    then i have to edit the values under offset line??
  11. In this game they are "head-cam"and "bonnet"...
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