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Driven: Fastest women in the world

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Scott Webber, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    as the title says, it's a documentary made by Susie Wolff's brother filmed over a period of 1 year (2012) to follow her journey progressing in motorsport.

    so it was aired on the BBC on the 24th march , and unfortunatly it can only be viewed in for UK users

    Documentary following Susie Wolff, determined to be the first woman since 1976 to race in Formula 1. Featuring interviews with Lewis Hamilton, David Coulthard and Ralf Schumacher.


    if some1 wants to try and watch it outside the uk pop me a pm, not sure if it works tho but worth a shot :)
  2. I think that if a woman is out there good enough to be in F1 but no one currently shows enough potential to warrant a seat. We shouldn't be accepting a sub-standard woman driver just for the sake of having a female driver; now that would be gender inequality.
  3. Will definitely watch it. Glad I found a method to get the iplayer to work ;)

    I agree with Kevin but I've also seen many male F1 drivers that don't deserve to be in F1 based on skill. For example I'm currently not sure if Chilton belongs in F1 although we have only seen 3 races of him.
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  4. There are 2 other documentaries about women drivers, one about Katherine Legge and the other about Danica Patrick. The one with Ms. Legge is absolutely must-see in my opinion, and really shows us the struggles women face in this sport.

    This about Suzie Wolff: will watch it, no doubt. Good heads-up Scott.
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  5. Bruno Sousa Ferreira

    Bruno Sousa Ferreira
    Strategy Mister!

    how did I miss this documentary.
  6. It´s on youtube, just looked now and found it.

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  7. Missed this one...gutted.
  8. let me know if you need help watching it, send me a pm ;)

    you mean this one?
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  9. It is on iplayer, so can catch up there...thank you though.
  10. Good program, I watched it ;)
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  11. Tom

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  12. Even in DTM it´s about what team you are in and how good they do their job.
    Look at Tomczyk. World Champ yet struggled massively through the season.

    If you can keep up with Hamilton in karts it means you are not particularly slow.
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  13. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
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    Don't htink she's got what it takes to be an F1 driver.
  14. I have an issue with that title...

    Why is it that no one remembers Michele Mouton?... Group B rally winner?... only lost the champ to Walter Rohl cause of a mechanical problem in the final round?
  15. The fastest woman in the world? What about women jet fighter pilots? :p
  16. Or astronauts,