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Formula RaceRoom 3 @ Nurburgring GP (Club Event) (LIVE)

Download;Force India HD Steering Wheel

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by luca falco, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. again a good work, thank you
  2. Simply beautiful. Thanks a lot!
  3. Thanks for your dedication, we all hope you keep working on this ;)
  4. Oh i intend to keep going,you can be sure of that.Thanks for the comments Guys.
  5. thanks a lot, luca.:)
  6. yeah! looks great =D, thanks a lot luca falco ;).

    Salu2 - Darkness Knight
  7. What are you going to work on after all the wheels are done?

    Great job btw.
  8. Well,i`m going to complete all the Wheels,then finish the HD Williams.Then i have plans to do a complete HD Garages Pack.Then maybe some HD Liveries for the Cars as they have changed through the Season.I think also some HD Pit Crews would be nice,and Engineers.As i`ve said,i plan on sticking around,so anything could happen ;).I`ve also agreed to work on 2012 too.Here at RaceDepartment
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  9. Thank you
  10. Sounds great, but what about suits? If I had to make a priority list, it would look like this:

    HD Suits
    HD Garages
    HD Pit Crew
    HD Liveries

    The first three things really haven't been touched by the mod community. I put the suits at the top because they would really compliment the HD helmet and glove mods that have already been done. I put liveries on the bottom because although not every custom livery is up to date, a few extra sponsors or whatever isn't as important as an HD suit imo. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Hi, my screen:


    Salu2 - Darkness Knight
  12. Looks great Darkness Knight,Renault Wheel is almost done :D
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  13. So we have great news again, luca you're damn fast lol. There we have a genius.
  14. Hurra!, i waiting for your work =D, great, thanks!

    Salu2 - Darkness Knight
  15. mydriaz


    Nice one ! Thanks.
  16. Looking good again xD