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Download: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Convert

Discussion in 'Racer' started by aadilf1, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. it wont work on my 0.8.36 racer
  2. it is Non-CG, in other words it will only work on Racer V0655 (or equivalent)
  3. There is one I did long ago that you can get at tracciontesares (sic).
  4. Boomer, it appears to be the same one.

    Alex Forbin
  5. this car doesnt work in either CG or non CG, i've tried both..nothing appears on the screen, and yes i did install correctly and i tried looking in the shd,car ini files nothing out of the ordinary...it's not my game either as i've got a few of my own in progress and they all work perfectly fine...
  6. Let me take a look.
  7. Mine works just fine on 0.0834 thru 0.0836. I don't think I changed anything since it was put on tracciontesares.
  8. the car works perfectly fine for me :p
  9. nup that'd be a big fat FAIL!!!!
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  10. Excuse me, but can you please explain in english what you have just said. This is no place to 'Flame'.
  11. Ask me and I can send you a beta of my bugatti =D I need some beta testers
  12. Raphael, i'd be really happy to beta test your bugatti :D

    PS i saw it on youtube and it looked absolutely amazing :D
  13. its not a flame mate..if it were a flame you would be still burning lol...it means i couldnt get it to work..and to make sure i wasnt talkin out of my arse, i downloaded other mods and all worked fine..not a problem among them..even my own half arsed mod works..lol(i havent replied sooner, because RD, hasnt been working for me..ie couldnt access the site till now)
  14. That is rather unusual for it to not work, i'l re-upload the bugatti as soon as the Racer Forum gets back on track and i get to know the website more :)
  15. Thanks ^^ send me a pm
  16. Someone Has stolen my Bugatti Veyron and uploaded it to TraccionTrasera with Credits other than mine. I am so Angry.
  17. So bad =/
  18. The one that I put on TraccionTrasera a long time ago was done by:
    3D model by Empire 3D, converted by Crazy_UmKA , Update by Bandit82 and R1BURNOUT
    I only cg shaders for it, will have to check out the one on TraccionTrasera.