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Download: 50 Flashbacks on any difficulty F1 2011 1.2 Patch only

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by HoiHman, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. This mod gives you 50 flashback on any difficulty and its based on the latest F1 2011 1.2 patch.

    Extract the "50 flashbacks.rar" to you F1 2011 directory overwriting the excisting files (0rginal files are included in the "orginal files.rar")

    Now start up F1 2011 and CHANGE THE DIFFICULTY AT LEASE ONCE TO EASY (go back) and then change to any difficulty you like

    Now you have 50 flashbacks on any difficulty (even on expert) or any custom difficulty. The number of flashbacks in the difficulty settings will still say 4, but you will have 50

    In order to keep the 50 flashbacks you can change anything in the difficulty settings, but DO NOT CHANGE the number of flashbacks.

    Tested with Grandprix and carreer mode, not tested with multiplayer or any online gaming.
    Autosaving works, tested with a new carreer mode and excisting carreer mode.(using pre patch flow.bin)

    Thanks to Ryder for make the Database editor compatible for F1 2011

    Enjoy !!
    If you like my mod please post a comment, if you don't like it just don't use it.

    Download links:
    http://www.fileserve.com/file/CmcJMe5/50 flashbacks any difficulty Patch 1.2 only.rar

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  2. merci beaucoup
  3. Well, thank you, I thought here that v1.2 will not do but you did it well done and thank you again.
  4. where I can find a patch 1.2 that works well