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Doublesided Windows. How?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sven Hielscher, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone!
    I currently working on a private mod and came the above mentioned problem where I don't know how to solve this (everything related to rFactor ;)).
    The window of the car itself is structured as follows:
    - doubled mesh of all windows, one flipped to the inside
    - outside windows have the material wcwindow
    - inside windscreen and rear window have the material wcextra7
    - inside side windows have material wcextra0
    - all materials have the same material settings (including texture)
    - all materials (wcwindow, wcextra0, wcextra7) get the same default window texture from the skin assigned by the VEH file (e.g. Extra0="window")

    Ingame (spinner and on track) the inside of the front and rear window look correct (almost) but the sidewindows, seen from front or rear through the respective window aren't transparent (looks like the alpha is inverted, but this material has the same settings like all other window materials). One other problem is, that looking through the front window banner the rear window from the inside shines through.

    Anyone having an idea how to fix these problems?

    My ideas are to move the mesh of the inside windows just a µm more to the inside or outside and maybe split the window mesh into four parts (front, rear, left, right). But I really don't know if these things can solve the problem :(
  2. second problem was solved...the wcextra7 material was double assigned - stupid mistake...now it's wcextra3 and so the intransparent windows are history ;)
    but the rear window is still shining through the front window texture...anyone having an idea to solve this?
  3. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    Make sure the rear window texture is not doublesided.
    So you would not see the texture from another side as the the backside of the car.
  4. sry I've really forgotten this thread :redface:
    I've allready found the solution: I had reset the material and save a new GMT file. Then it worked. I think it had something to do with wrong shader settings and missing material settings like cube maps :D stupid mistakes though :roflmao: