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Don't Limit Yourself

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Rhys Gardiner, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. I had a thread a little bit like this in the off-topic section a long time back, but I figured I'd create a new one for visibility.

    With the recent influx of new sim racers thanks to Assetto Corsa, I got to thinking that there must be some who are disabled, or partially so. There are those of you out there who know that I myself am disabled - I lost most of the ability to use my right arm at birth thanks to an irresponsible doctor - and while I have little to complain about in my current living situation, there are still things that I can't do that I wish I could. Play the guitar and piano, drive a manual car in real life, be a real racing driver.

    But sim racing, apart from being loads of fun, allows me to engage in something that I otherwise wouldn't be able to do without extreme modifications. It's one aspect of my life where I am free to do as I see fit, and that's half the reason why it's so important to me.

    And that's my message to other disabled racers, many of whom are more limited in their movement than I am - paraplegics and the like. The beauty of sim racing is that in a virtual world, there are no limits. So take pride in the fact that you can engage in this activity, be quick in spite of your physical limitations, and compete with the best.

    Happy racing guys. If I can run a quick time in AC, you certainly can too!

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  2. Respect!
  3. Wow, great post! Inspirational.
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  4. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    Wow amazing post and lap!
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  5. I found few times, playing with disabled person is fun as with any other, thats the real power of gaminh! All best.
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  6. respect mate!
  7. With the athletes at the Paralympic games showing the world just how abled the "disabled" are I think it's time for society to take a really hard look at our attitudes towards people who are differently abled. I have always disliked the term "disabled" because as Rhys has just proven, ability or disability is a state of mind. I prefer to say differently abled. I know many physically abled people who have far more "disabilities" (mostly due to attitude) than those who have physical disabilities.

    Props to all the amazing athletes showing the world what is possible when you put mind over matter and to Rhys, with the rapid advances in technology I look forward to the day when we see more "differently abled" drivers on the worlds most exciting tracks.

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  8. Amen to that!

    And the bit about "attitude" is so true, I know so many people stuck in misery due to having poor attitudes. Sadly, their need to be right and prove how hard it is to be them is more important than making their life better and having purpose and joy in life.

    Excellent thread. :thumbsup:
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  9. Respect, inspiring indeed!:thumbsup:
  10. And that's what's called racing spirit!!!

    Rhys, great driving. I hope to see you "soon" in AC servers. Respect. :cool:
  11. Great message you're sending out here, Rhys, let's hope many others see it and feel the motivation to get involved :thumbsup:
  12. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    Great lap, you had that bimmer flying out there!
    Love the feeling you have on the car, try to be a bit more aggressive on turn in, the car can handle it and I think you'll gain some more.
    Way to go!
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  13. Agreed, the Beemer likes to be beaten! Unlike the Mclaren :D
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  14. Great to read that mate, And a superb lap!
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  15. Thank you for the kind words guys, I really appreciate it. :)

    True! I feel there's at least another 5 tenths in there somewhere (currently sitting on a 1:58.069, 6th worldwide on RSR). It's a bit difficult for me to switch off the instinctive slow turn-in that my driving style has thanks to only one hand on the wheel, but I can see that the Z4 likes to be thrown around. My favourite sim car ever, and I thank you guys for creating it!
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  16. Awesome post! May sim racing continue to bring you much pleasure!!!
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  17. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    Much respect to you Rhys. Hope to see you on the track :)
  18. I knew a guy who rode Ducatis. He'd lost most of his right arm in a motorbike accident several years earlier and just got right back on, modified the crap out of the Dukes with a handlebar clamp mechanism et al and was still one of the fastest you'll find.

    Himself and his mates used to drink coffee in a bistro near where I worked and for the buzz whenever he spotted a couple of girls (had to be hot) watching him dismount he'd deliberately leave the clamp in place, unzip the upper arm pocket to release the upper prosthetic clamp and rip his prosthetic off out of his leathers leaving it attached to the handlebar screaming with his mates acting terrified. Worked every time.

    1 arm short & he still got laid more than me. Legend :)
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