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Don't forget the offline players

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by ditec890, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Do not forget the players off line!!
    In recent years I've played almost every market driving simulators. I recognize that technically are well advanced and the driving experience is pretty good, but all lack something: motivations for player offline.
    Years ago I had plenty of time, I could connect when I wanted and could participate in races run smoothly. But my personal circumstances have changed, and now I can only play a short time and I can not choose the day and time to connect on line.
    I'm still a big fan of virtual simulation, and there are many people like me. I mean that the target audience is not just a game online communities. There are many forums and websites and clubs dedicated to racing. These groups seem to have a strong presence on the Internet that are very active, but there are so many people as it seems. If you frequent a lot of this world at the end you realize we are always the same people.
    What a great study should be noted that there is a much wider audience that wants to play but can not commit to participating in organized leagues for work or family obligations.
    What many players are waiting for is a game that allows us to enjoy at any time and any day. That engagement without being on a team and be bound by its rules.
    Honestly, players do not need the graphics are as good or that the simulation is perfect and wonderful sound, we need a game hitch, it adicitivo and does not require others to play.
    In recent years, developers have focused on improving technical aspects, but neglected the gameplay, the ability to play without running events organized.
    studies have to take responsibility for enyoy the player. Do not leave this responsibility to private communities. Not that this section no longer exists, I say that it is the responsibility of the studies create some attractive game modes for all types of players.
    I tried very good games in recent years, but all were incomplete. all forgot to create a game plan, a history and motivation to keep playing.
    Getting a good simulation is necessary, but then you have to build a game around that structure, it is time to study programming again take that responsibility.

    Whenever I have a new simulator announces the hope that its developers will remember this.
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  2. You mean like the ability to run a complete championship against the I.A. ?
  3. Yes, for example. But you can go much deeper into ways to play offline.
    When you do not have freely of your time and the game only offers racing on line, what do you do? get discouraged.

    Maybe I'm a nostalgic but I love GT Legends championships offline.

    I mean that developers not only have to create a gaming platform but a story that engages the player.
  4. It's gonna have A.I. for sure.

    Maybe Aristotelis will answer about the full champ.

    About an complete history like we had on some racing games (don't remember the name), I guess that won't happen ;)
  5. I am not referring to games like Need for Speed ​​series and Test Drive Unlimited.
    I'm referring to the game motivates you to keep playing but you do not belong to a club and participate in organized leagues.
    You could create a player card similar to that used in iRacing, valuing the player for his victories, goals or time points, fair play, use of aids, and lots of other things to assess the player and create a reputation that can then be used to better organize races on line.
    The player could be evaluated in areas such as skill, aggressiveness, consistency, fairness, experience .....
    and that these parameters could result in a system of rewards for goals, new tracks and new cars, new events ...
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  6. I thought for a moment you were suggesting numbing down the game so it could be more approachable, good grief... :confused:

    But yeah, if it is something they had planned, a "Story" mode, it's probably well buried in the "To-Do" list ;)
  7. Since Kunos seem to have a clever approach when it comes to physics (e.g. make the engine right rather than tweaking the cars spec), I have big hope they come up with an interesting solution for the A.I. Maybe not in v1.0 but...

    And if the A.I. is pleasant to race, does one really need a championship-like scenario ?
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  8. I say yes you would. If they simply put together the league structures with incrementally better ai to compete against then that would help create a target to visibly compare your progress against. E.g. Last time I played I only got to round 3 this time round 5, etc. there are many ways to make this type of structure, but bare bones ones would be fine by me! I don't need cut scenes, trophy ceremonies etc. but then the game would lack some polish I guess
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  9. As I said in the suggestions thread some time ago, I'd like to have the option to make my own custom championship with the AI, for example, select how many AI cars I want to race against, their class, and then how many tracks the competition will have and set up the rules/difficulty/physics/weather/etc at the start of it, and things would go automatic from there, you'd race against the AI cars in each track and by the end whoever gets the most points win.

    I doubt it's something difficult to implement, hell, probably some modder could do it after the release. :cool:
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  10. Yup! :):sneaky:
  11. But why be satisfied only with the on line?
    The majority of online racing is a failure by the difference in level of the participants, or that someone does crazy.
    My work and family just let me play after midnight when all my friends sleep. Play online with different strangers every day no fun.
    How hard is to create a card player and a reward system?
    How hard is to create an event calendar similar to what exists in the real world to participate in different categories, GT3, GT1, DTM touring car world championships, 500 miles Indianapolis, Le Mans 24 hours ...... .?
    How hard is to create elimination races (the last goal passing is eliminated) or parallel dueling one on one, or duels start in goal and goal against, or elimination races by times, pursuit races .... ...?
    Is it that no one has imagination in this world of driving simulators?
    We might as well look a little across the ocean and watch sporting events in the U.S. with all kinds of motorsport.
  12. I feel your pain about late-night racing, I have those same issues so off-line play is important too but, I can manage with some decent AI and race options. On-going championships are not high on my list.
  13. MarcG


    You can always create your own Championships, for rFcator there were plenty of programs and Excel /HTML tools to allow this and no doubt (eventually) these will happen for AC.

    Simple things such as Race Results logs imported into Excel and a click later updated championship standings. Yes its not in game but its a simple solution from the start, hopefully someone makes a program like Champ R-esult (rFactor) which does just the job above but with in a nice program with tons of options should Kunos not do one themselves.
  14. I agree completely,and I would like to add, please also include a weight penalty system. The last time this was included, in Race 07, it really helps to even out any discrepencies during an offline season. I don't know why more sims don't include the option.
    But basically I really would like to see a fully customizable championship option with choice of tracks, formation/start, points system, ballast, all the obvious choices that help to match the challenge to the individual. :)
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